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By: Douglas Economics  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Transport, Forecasting, Train

Value of Time - Estimating the value of onboard rail time and the value of displacement (the difference between when passengers want to travel and when the timetable allows them to travel) using Stated Preference market research. The study also looks at different indices to update the value of time. The study is being undertaken with RailCorp NSW.

Using Rooftops to Assess Peak Spreading Demand Management PoliciesĀ  - The rooftops technique originates from work by Hotelling in spatial economics and was applied by Tyler and Hassard to intercity rail timetable choice by passengers in the 1970s where the name rooftops was coined because the choice graphs resembled a street of rooftops. The study extends the approach to include fare. The model parameters are estimated from Stated Preference research (see above). The model has been used to assess the ability of fare discounts on early AM peak and late AM peak trains and peak hour surcharges to shift passengers out of the AM peak hour.

CountryLink Rolling StockĀ  - An economic and financial evaluation of options to replace the long distance diesel power rail fleet of NSW which is approaching the end of its planned life.

Museum StationĀ  - An economic and financial evaluation of options to upgrade Museum station in the CBD of Sydney.

Keywords: Cost Benefit Analysis, Economics, Ferry, Forecasting, Train, Transport