Why use a Property Consultant? : Property Voice

By: Domainz  06-Dec-2011

What is a Property Consultant?

A Property Consultant advises, advocates, analyses, reports and provides strategy in the field of real property.  It is a process that requires technical competency across a broad range of property matters, along with sound, critical enquiry.  The Property Consultant is the link between defining the problem and devising a solution of measurable economic value.  By definition, the Consultant is a broad based role, within which there are specialist operators providing advice.

What is Property Consultancy?  

Typical sectors and services offered include:

Pre-development studies - location, transport, zoning;
Market demand analysis - tenant / rental levels;
Project feasibility analysis and reporting;
Lease negotiation and finalisation (with other parties);
Development management - owner / tenant / funders / constructors;
Financial analysis of investment opportunities;
Negotiating sales of assets (with other parties involvement);
Strategising refurbishment or redevelopment scenarios on existing assets based on likely market outcomes.

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