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By: Domainz  06-Dec-2011
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IT Maintenance Services
IT Maintenance offers IT solutions for businesses throughout Auckland and the wider Northland areas. IT Maintenance also provides expert consulting services to businesses throughout New Zealand.

On-site Service
Some IT problems require onsite support and troubleshooting. IT Maintenance has built a strong network of experienced, Microsoft-certified field technicians and engineers who can deliver technical services anywhere in the Auckland and the Northland area.

Remote Support
IT Maintenance's remote support and troubleshooting services give you the greatest leverage for your IT budget. Sophisticated remote access tools and experienced technicians and engineers combine to enable IT Maintenance to resolve most IT problems without wasting time and expense by traveling to your site. IT Maintenance is a pioneer in providing remote IT support and has developed an extensive virtual network of support personnel who can deliver fast and low-cost solutions.

Service Costs
IT Maintenance bills for all support and troubleshooting services by the hour and offers substantial discounts for large projects and regularly scheduled service. Rates are based on the qualifications of the personnel who provide the service, which in turn is dependent on the nature of the task.

This billing policy can be a major benefit to IT Maintenance's customers, because it minimizes the likelihood of paying high rates for simple jobs but still makes it possible to elevate the level of expertise assigned to a task in case of complications or expanded requirements.

Small Business Solutions
IT Maintenance's affordable IT support services for small business networks include Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft Small Business ServerLinux operating systems, Open source software and Peer to Peer networking.24x7 Monitoring with Onsite Response
With IT Maintenance's 24x7 remote network monitoring and emergency onsite troubleshooting, you'll maximise system uptime without breaking your IT budget.Information Technology Consulting and Support
IT Maintenance has extensive experience providing project management, project assistance, network design, application and hardware maintenance, documentation, and implementation.Your Small Business Specialist
The key factor of most IT problems often belongs with the levels of expertise available. For small businesses and start-ups with 1 to 35 users, IT Maintenance can free you from the dependence on freelance consultants whilst giving you affordable, reliable access to technical expertise. By delivering professional know-how when you need it, providing specialised expertise in key applications, offering unique services such as automated monitoring whilst charging only for the services you use, IT Maintenance gives you an affordable way to maximise the business value of your networking investment.IT Maintenance is the smart way to build and maintain reliable and secure information systems whilst having fast access to the skills normally available to larger businesses.

Phone Support Call Center
When you need to talk to a technical expert, phone IT Maintenance. Phone support can be escalated to onsite service when necessary, but in the vast majority of cases your IT problems can be resolved over the phone or through a combination of phone support and remote access.

24x7 Support
IT Maintenance also offers 24x7 support and automated online monitoring to keep mission-critical systems running smoothly.

Site Relocation Services
IT Maintenance can provide a Microsoft-certified IT expert who can help you plan and manage a move of your IT infrastructure to a new facility, including data center design and setup, project management, ISP and telecommunications carrier selection and coordination, and coordinated system upgrades — all with comprehensive ongoing support throughout. IT Maintenance's site relocation teams can work during off hours and weekends in order to minimize business disruption.

Virus Removal Services
IT Maintenance can provide a virus removal expert who can help you contain and remove related to infection, intergrated telecommunications protection of virus laden data. Comprehensive response and reporting for analysis of business process accountability. IT Maintenance's Virus removal services are extensive and intergration into design will help maximise system uptime.

Expert Consulting
IT Maintenance's computer consulting services give your small business affordable access to expertise in technical areas where you may lack in-house resources. IT Maintenance's long experience as Certified Microsoft Professionals focusing on Windows networking and security and high-performance systems has helped some New Zealand's companies improve the efficiency, capability and profitability of their information networks.

IT Maintenance's system engineers can provide insights on infrastructure and architecture that will allow your information network to grow along with your business without busting your IT budget.

Computer consulting Services available from IT Maintenance include:

  • Information Technology planning and strategy
  • Architecture and design of Windows XP and 2000 and Windows 2003 Server
  • Planning for migrations to Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server and Active Directory,
  • Troubleshooting general and chronic IT problems
  • Creating a comprehensive security assment and strategy
  • Maximizing system availability and performance through fault-tolerant configuration, efficient network architecture, and proactive monitoring.
  • Project management and special project assistance , especially for upgrades or migrations to or within the Microsoft family of IT solutions
  • Requirements definition and documentation
  • Product/brand/model identification, bill of materials development, vendor selection and qualification, procurement coordination, visual diagrams and documentation

IT Maintenance's computer consulting services are available for as-needed help, for specific projects, or for ongoing support.

More than 3 billion (legimate) emails (30 billion illegimate undelivered ) are delivered daily.  That number will soon double.  The stunning popularity of this communication application is supported by IT Maintenanc with group email lists for advertising, email security, email management, and email availability, vital issues for every business information network.
IT Maintenance Microsoft-certified engineers have extensive experience designing, installing, and supporting email solutions. 

  • Security and virus protection
  • Fault tolerance
  • Access for remote and mobile users
  • Expert management tools

Email is the most common target for malicious hackers and computer viruses. IT Maintenance has extensive experience designing and implementing email systems featuring real-time virus protection for incoming and outgoing mail, along with Spam filtering. IT Maintenance's comprehensive security audits can check your system's vulnerability and IT Maintenance can help you quickly clean up the damage resulting from email attacks.

IT Maintenance's experts can configure and maintain Mail Servers and Mail clients so that corporate email and collaboration can be securely accessed by remote offices, telecommuters, and mobile workers. IT Maintenance can create a robust email network easily accessible by authorised users anytime, anywhere.

Sophisticated email management tools are available to simplify important tasks such as distinguishing high and low priority email, eliminating spam, adding or deleting users, installing service upgrades, and monitoring performance. IT Maintenance can help you identify and configure management tools suited to your business so you can maximise the usefulness of your email system

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