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By: Dmzglobal  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Security, Security Management, Remote Access

The DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX) is New Zealand's most secure and robust commercially available network.

The DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX) is designed to create an infrastructure where user groups and partner organisations can communicate securely through Community of Interest Networks (COIN).

DMZGlobal's Network-based DDoS Mitigation Service, provides customers with the ability to minimise the impact of DDoS attacks by providing protection 'in cloud' at the core-router level, and re-routing potential DDoS attack traffic to "cleaning centres."

DMZBoundary is a managed networking service that allows secure connectivity between our client's networks and their business partners and clients.

DMZInternet Service provides our clients with New Zealand's most secure and robust Internet service specifically designed for corporate and government organisations.

Viruses and worms are a constant and often costly problem for businesses. Loss of data, interruption to vital communications and the redirection of technical resource can interrupt the very lifeblood of an organisation.

DMZEndPoint services provide security management and remote access services focused on protecting the end point device, be it a desktop PC, laptop or smart phone.

DMZGlobal's Secure Remote Access service suite, DMZRemote offers a wide range of solutions that enable remote users to access the required network resources directly and securely through the DMZGlobal Secure Business Exchange (SBX).

To increase security and reduce deployment costs, DMZGlobal offers a Reverse Proxy service that provides a secure presentation layer with only trusted and legitimate traffic being transferred back and forth to the client's network.

DMZGlobal is the leading provider of highly available and secure website and application hosting services for clients throughout Australasia.

Many organisations now rely on file transfers as part of their business operations, however the current management and security of these transfers is often inadequate.

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