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By: Dezire Salon  06-Dec-2011
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For Hair

Fashion Cuts for Ladies:

Cut & Blowave short hair

  $ 90
Cut & Blowave medium hair   $ 95
Cut & Blowave long hair   $100
Fringe Trim   $ 10
(Dezire client is complimentary)    

Fashion Cuts for Men:

Clipper Cut   $ 30
Scissor Cut & Blowave   $ 65
Child Cut:    
Girl/Boy (under 13)   $ 30

Fashion Blowaves or Sets

Short hair     $ 45
Medium hair     $ 55
Long hair     $ 65
Sets     $ 50

Weekly Blowave or Set

  $ 35
"Dezire" Hair Ups:    
Hair-up from $ 95
Wedding Hair from $115
Fashion for Colour    
“Dezire” is proud to have available 111 years of Schwarzkopf science and technology for colour, blonde powders, perms, straightening creams and home hair care, “Dezire” has their latest product ESSENSITY. A product of the purest organic essences does not contain artificial fragrance, silicones or ammonia. ESSENSITY offers outstanding colour performance, multi-tonal colour, up to 90% white hair blending and stunning natural shine. Come discover ESSENSITY's exciting new colour world.
Tinting with Igora Royal what better for long lasting colour with stunning shine and condition 
Short or re-growth only   $  90
Medium   $100
Long   $115
Semi-Permanent with ESSENSITY what better for amazing shine, condition, longativity or your semi.
Short or re-growth only   $ 70
Medium   $ 90
Long   $100
“Dezire” Introduces Blonde Me!! Its truly addictive being blonde. The first time you change to blonde is completely understood. Blonde is not a colour, but merely a state of mind. With every blonde lies a different personality.
Part Line   $  90
1/4 Head Foils   $115
1/2 Head Foils   $140
Full Head Foils   $180
Foils with Tint/Semi   $ 70
Per Foil   $ 10
"Desire" Streaks (cap hightlights)    
Short   $ 75
Medium   $ 85
Long   $105
“Dezire” Conditioning Treatments: What better way to treat tired, frizzy, stressed, chemically stressed or unruly hair than a “Dezire” antidote for your hair.
Express (for hair that needs a quick fix)   $ 15
Kick Start (for hair that needs more moisture or repair) $ 20
Deluxe (for hair that wants total pampering)   $ 40
Permanent Wave or Chemical Straightening
Sick of having limp lifeless hair or unruly hair!! Try one of these options; A Permanent Wave to give you lush divine curls or just some body, or Chemical Straightening for stunning sleek straight hair.
Permanent Wave (price on an appointment)  
Chemical Straightening (price on an appointment)  
Prices may change without notice  
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Keywords: Chemical Straightening