Deduplication Storage Products for Backup, Recovery and Archiving

By: Data Domain  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Storage Systems, Data Protection, Virtual Tape

Data Domain Software

By distributing parts of the deduplication process to the backup server, DD Boost speeds up aggregate backup throughput on EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems by an average of 50 percent, while significantly reducing load on backup LANs and backup servers.

By emulating multiple tape libraries over a Fibre Channel interface, this option provides deduplication storage for SAN environments.

Network-efficient, automated, ultra-safe replication software solution for DR, remote office data protection and multi-site tape consolidation.

DD Encryption encrypts all incoming data to ensure it cannot be accessed on the existing system or in any other environment without first decrypting it.

Retention Lock software enables users to easily implement deduplication with file locking to satisfy IT governance and compliance policies. IT administrators are given the operational flexibility required to efficiently run the enterprise on a day-to-day basis, all at the right cost.

The Data Domain operating system has revolutionized nearline storage workloads-including disk backup, data archiving, networked DR and remote office data protection-with high-speed, inline deduplication and easy-to-use, integrated system management tools.

Data Domain Enterprise Manager provides a simple web-based rich internet application for managing Data Domain systems. Users can monitor multiple systems from a central work station and manage all critical aspects of Data Domain systems, such as the file system, replication, and virtual tape libraries (VTL), in a simple manner using the web-based graphic user interface (GUI).

Keywords: Data Protection, Office Data, Storage Systems, Virtual Tape,

Other products and services from Data Domain


Data Domain Boost Software

EMC Data Domain Boost extends the backup optimization benefits of Data Domain deduplication storage solutions by distributing parts of the deduplication process to the backup server or application client. DD Boost dramatically increases throughput speeds, minimizes backup LAN load, and improves backup server utilization. Seamless Integration: Gains centralized management and tighter integration with backup applications.


Virtual Tape Library (VTL) Software and Deduplication Storage for SAN Storage Environments

Data Domain Virtual Tape Library software emulates multiple tape libraries over a Fibre Channel interface and seamlessly integrates with the existing backup infrastructure to enable cost-efficient long term retention on disk and more reliable.


Data Domain Archiver

Data Domain Archiver transparently incorporates two tiers of storage in order to achieve cost-effective scalability while delivering the high throughput required to ingest hundreds of terabytes of backup data. The combination of high throughput and cost-optimized storage built on proven Data Domain system technology positions DD Archiver as the ideal tape reduction solution for long-term retention of data.


Deduplication Storage Appliances for Disk Backup, Networked Disaster Recovery and Archiving

The DD890 sets new standards for single-controller deduplication performance, with throughput speeds faster per controller than conventional virtual tape library systems, and single-stream throughput up to 1.44 TB/hour to enable protection of large databases in short backup windows.


Data Domain Global Deduplication Array

Multi-terabyte data sets are dynamically and transparently load balanced across the controllers, simplifying capacity management, performance management and backup administration. Data Domain Global Deduplication Array is the industry’s highest performance inline deduplication storage system for enterprise backup applications.