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By: Cycle Aware Wellington  06-Dec-2011

Submission to GWRC  Social and Cultural Wellbeing Committee 23 November 2011 on behalf of Cycle Aware Wellington Inc, in response to Rimutaka Incline Heritage Trust's application to reinstate a railway line on the Rimutaka Rail Trail.

We conclude that reinstatement of the railway would change the experience of cycling the route completely, and make it impractical for beginners and cycletourists, if not all cyclists.

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In these times of high gas prices, a warming climate, increasing traffic congestion, and expanding waistlines, increasing bicycling and walking are goals that are clearly in the public interest. Higher levels of bicycling and walking also coincide with increased bicycle and pedestrian safety and higher levels of physical activity.


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In case you might lose this page, perhaps note down that the search button will find "Treasurer Assist. Some of you took away CD-ROMS which contained various pre-designed forms to help you. Great to see you all in New Plymouth.