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Keywords: Internet Technology, List of Customers, Pricing Schedule

Curia Market Research - services

Curia offers a number of services including:

Customised telephone polls

Curia can design, implement and analyse a telephone poll for you. This can either be from a list of customers or stakeholders supplied by a client, or we can randomly survey the public. Such random survey can either be over all of New Zealand or a specified sub-group.

We work closely with our clients to ensure the questions asked will be of maximum benefit (the right answer to the wrong question can be worse than the wrong answer to the right question), to provide meaningful results which highlight the significant findings, and present the results in person (if requested) to a group of your choosing.

An indicative pricing schedule of our costs for these polls, are available upon requests.

The costs are all inclusive, covering:

  • Client liaison
  • Producing question script
  • Selecting random sample
  • Programming database
  • Polling staff
  • Toll calls
  • Data entry
  • Results analysis
  • Production of report
  • Presentation of results to client

New Zealand wide weekly omnibus polls

We run a weekly omnibus poll of 200 – 250 New Zealanders. If a stand alone poll is not needed, questions can be inserted into our omnibus poll. We recommend clients retain questions in for at least two weeks, so that the sample is at least 400.

Internet based pollsWe have a partnership with a leading and established Internet technology company to provide Internet based polls. These are most suitable for clients whom wish to survey a customer or stakeholder base, rather than a random sample

Postal surveys

Curia has extensive experience in postal surveys, and we can assist clients in writing their own surveys, to managing the design, posting, collation and analysis for them.

Telephone canvassing

While our primary services are providing expertise in question design and analysis, we are also happy to provide our call centre to clients who manage their own poll design and analysis, or wish to do pro-active canvassing.

We charge a standard cost per call minute for this service.

Focus groups

A focus group can be a valuable way to solicit feedback, in a group dynamic, to messages, proposals, and concepts. This will normally be a group of 10 to 12 people facilitated by a neutral host briefed or provided by Curia and the client. The focus groups can be viewed live through a screening room and/or seen later on video-tape.
Focus groups are not as scientifically robust as polls being qualitative not quantitative, but they have the advantage of a flexible format where one can examine in greater detail responses given by participants, their reasoning, and learn more about the why as well as the what.

Communications advice based on research results

Curia prides itself on getting to know its clients well, and learning what is important to them. As an additional service, we are happy to also provide communications and strategy advice, based on the results of our research.

Keywords: Internet Technology, List of Customers, Pricing Schedule