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By: Creative Commons  05-Apr-2012

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has launched a competition for Year 9 - 13 secondary students and NZ schools to use creative remix or data mashup as a way to explore the theme of road safety.

Entries will open on September 1st 2012 and close on October 31st 2012.

It's important to think about copyright when remixing the work of others. Students and teachers need to be sure that a creator is happy for their work to be used, and if so, they need to think about the conditions under which they may be allowed to use it.

Videos, images and music licensed under Creative Commons (or rather, Creative Commons materials that do not prohibit derivative works) are 'openly licensed' resources and are perfect for remix. The creators have already given permission for their works to be reused, as long as entrants follow the terms of their CC licence.

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Date: 21/03/2012

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As well as thinking about what teachers and students can 'use', schools are thinking about whether they can share their own resources for others to use and benefit from too.Whether you're a teacher, parent, service provider or interested community member, we'd love for you to come along tell us about your own views and experiences too. Learning in the 21st century involves digital sharing and remixing - and sometimes in public online places.