Hashigo Zake News for Late March

By: Craft Beer Capital  05-Apr-2012


Anticipation is building over a couple of brand new import orders arriving over the next week or so. First of all we're expecting fresh beer from Asia's greatest brewery, Baird, very soon. This shipment is all about bottled beer. We're replenishing our stock of Baird's core range and picking up four recent seasonals.

Those seasonals are Pacific Century Citrus IPA, a citrus juice-infused IPA that we've had before, Morning Coffee Stout, Four Sisters Spring Bock and Ganko Oyaji Barley Wine.

We hope to resume buying kegged beer from Baird some time in the near future when they start filling key kegs - the kind of single use kegs used widely in Europe.

A week or so later our latest Californian shipment arrives and relief will be at hand for hop-junkies. And not just at Hashigo Zake but around the country at the growing number of supermarkets and bottle stores piggy-backing off our import orders. This shipment will restore bottle stocks of beer from Green Flash, Bear Republic, Moylan's and Ballast Point. There will be some kegged beer too from Moylan's and Green Flash.

We'll also have bottles from another Californian brewery - Left Coast. We'll be getting four of their range (Trestles IPA, Hop Juice IIPA, Voodoo Stout and Wedge Black IPA) in some of the best looking, screen-printed bombers ever to hold beer.


We've been letting our tasting programme take a back seat so far in 2012, while we enjoy the habit that New Release Tuesday has turned into. But it's high time we resumed structured tastings around a brewery or theme in the manner that has usually proven popular over the previous two and a half years.

So on April 11 we're planning a tasting of New California Beers. That is, beers that are new to us. In that category are a couple of Moylan's beers, the whole Left Coast range and the aforementioned Green Flash Rayon Vert.

More details next week.

Next Tuesday

We're following this week's Ballast Point Double Header with a pair of new Coronado beers - Stoopid Stout and Nado Nectar. Stoopid Stout is a massive 9.3% Imperial Stout. Nado Nectar is a strong witbier, which we can have high expectations of given how good Coronado's year round Orange Avenue Witbier is.

As usual these two go on tap at 5pm on Tuesday.

Next Friday

Citra-fest is just over a week away - our homage to what may be the most fashionable hop in brewing today. From 3pm on Friday March 30 we'll be serving Liberty West Coast Blonde - Citra, Nøgne Ø Citra IPA, Mikkeller Single Hop Citra IPA and Liberty C!tra Imperial IPA. Note that we've set the starting time at 3pm to head off any chaos due to the fact we only have 20 litres of the Liberty C!tra. Remember though that if our keg of C!tra runs out we will have bottles available.

On Tap Now or Soon

At the time of writing there remains about half a keg of Mikkeller Texas Ranger on tap.

For something a little different from the usual we'll soon have Mussel Inn Captain Cookeron a hand pump.

Maybe it's adjunct week, because the first of our allocated two kegs of Brewaucracy Bean Counter, a vanilla bean-infused porter, will come on any day.

There will be more of last Friday's big success, Emerson's Clean Sweep, and another seasonal pale ale from Emerson's - Bird Dog.

And anyone feeling the need for a hop bomb from the west coast of the US can look out for Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Green Flash Hop Head Red or even the returning Tuatara American Pale Ale.

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Epic Goes Greek-ish

All going to plan we hope to have this first batch firmly in our grasp in time for Easter so watch our page as its status will change to 'in stock' the minute we see the truck pull in. Hop heads looking for their next pint of U.S inspired craft can breathe a sigh of relief, as soon to be released from the EPIC stable is the all new ZYTHOS IPA. Zythos is the Greek version of an Egyptian word for Beer.


Citra Four Ways and other news

Careful study of our inbox tell us that these kegs are Clean Sweep, a beer apparently brewed when Emerson's staff came back from holiday at the start of the year and needed a yeast starter for the rest of their brewing programme. Now bottles of this new batch hit our shelves today and should be reaching the shelves of a few selected supermarkets in the coming days.


iNews 2.0

We used to stock another beer called Old Scratch, from Flying Dog - an Amber Lager brewed at higher temperatures. Next Tuesday's new release is the last of our initial shipment from Australia's Feral. From our recent shipment from the Arctic Circle, Nøgne Ø Imperial Stout. For the first time in a long time.