Epic Goes Greek-ish

By: Craft Beer Capital  05-Apr-2012

Hop heads looking for their next pint of U.S inspired craft can breathe a sigh of relief,  as soon to be released from the EPIC stable is the all new ZYTHOS IPA.  All going to plan we hope to have this first batch firmly in our grasp in time for Easter so watch our page as its status will change to 'in stock' the minute we see the truck pull in! 

  • Using a new US hop blend called ZYTHOS
  • Zythos is the Greek version of an Egyptian word for Beer
  • 6.0% abv I.P.A. (India Pale Ale)
  • IPA's are the fastest growing beer style in the craft beer industry around the world
  • A richer copper colour compared to the Pale Ale. A wonderful hoppy aroma of citrus and pine, and a juicy malt flavour, with medium bitterness

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