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By: Continental Fire Protection  06-Dec-2011
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Custom solutions and products

We understand that on occasion there is not a standard acceptable solution. We have the R&D capabilities to work with you to create a job specific product and tested solution. If you have a new product that requires addition passive fire resistance, we can help. If you have a difficult or tricky situation, we can help.

Documentation and Information Technology

We provide an unprecedented operational difference; we document and archive all of our contracts and installations. This is for the benefit of owners, builders, consultants and regulatory bodies. This is a very comprehensive high technology solution and is FREE and mandatory whenever our products are used. At the end of a job the information will be provide to interested parties in a “hard media” format (CD/DVD). The information is also stored in a database and is accessible to all interested parties from anywhere in the world. (*conditions apply) Details of the information are as follows:

  • Firestopped penetrations
    • Time-stamped digital images of each item
    • Unique identifier code for each item, project etc. – All correlated to architectural drawings
    • !Warning! tags onsite for each item, with unique identifier code and contact details
  • Intumescent paint
    • Steel member identity (drawing reference, mark etc)
      • Designation (150UB14, 200×200x9SHS, 500WC440 etc)
      • Hp/A
      • Material loading ( in accordance with required FRR and test data)
    • Total material volume
    • Daily climate readings
    • Final DFT, as related to information above

Product support


We provide a FREE service to work with you to customize a specification to suit your projects’ individual requirements. We also have various standard “off the shelf” specification guides for our products. No matter what the job, we want to help you get the right system, first time.


We provide a FREE service to ensure that each project is 100% compliant with building regulation, and in accordance with test data. The information will become part of the job criteria and specification.

  • Intumescent paint
    • Complete analysis of all steel, on an item by item basis including:
      • Identity (drawing reference, mark etc)
      • Designation (150UB14, 200×200x9SHS, 500WC440 etc)
      • Hp/A
      • Material loading ( in accordance with required FRR and test data)
      • Total material volume
    • Inspection, and if specified criteria is met; issue Manufacturers Certificate of Compliance.
  • Through penetration fire-stopping
    • Analyse design requirements of the project, including fire report, fire separations, and service pathways
    • Provide details of acceptable and tested systems and where/how they can be used, tailored for each job.
    • Inspect and document completed works


We provide an estimation service to help you ascertain the value of passive protection content in your project. We supply FREE, no obligation quotes for supply of products, and full contract works.

Project management

We will provide FREE operational guidance and project management/oversight for projects where our products are being installed.

To enhance our ability to uphold our high standards and quality systems we offer a full contract service to install our products.

The following is a list of contract services we can provide:

Structural Steel Protection

  • Intumescent Paint
  • Cementitious Spray
  • Boarded Systems

Service Penetrations

  • Fire Barrier Foams
  • Intumescent Wraps + Collars
  • Firestop mortars

Retrofit and Upgrade

  • Upgrade Existing buildings with passive systems to comply with regulatory requirements.

Independent Inspection

We encourage a third party inspection of installed passive fire protection features for all projects. This will ensure the highest standard of safety and workmanship. To ensure we attain our goal of life safety, superior quality and compliance we will contribute towards the cost (*conditions apply) of a third party inspection of any and all our works, and wherever our products are used.

Keywords: Third Party Inspection

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Continental Fire Protection Ltd » Intumescent Strip - intumescent strip fire and smoke

An ASTRO intumescent graphite based fireseal contained within a PVC sleeve fitted into a rebate to either the leaves or the frame will in the event of a fire expand to many times its original volume and seal the gap around the door to provide a safe and effective barrier against the passage of fire, smoke and hot gases.


Continental Fire Protection Ltd » Intumescent Strip - intumescent fire seals

Astroflame smokeseals provide a permanent barrier to smoke, acoustic and thermal applications and are particularly important as smoke travels faster and further than fire itself. All ASTRO seals are supplied with a self-adhesive backing tape as standard to facilitate quick and easy fitting. Astroflame Intumescent Fireseals are available with or without a cold smoke seal in the form of a nylon pile.


Continental Fire Protection Ltd » Intumescent Downlight Cover

The fire is unable to penetrate the hole and the cover is able to give additional insulation protection to the ceiling void to reduce the chance of heat build up and ignition of flammable materials such as accumulated dust and insulation. To combat this the ASTRO Downlighter Cover has been developed to cover maximum protection for holes created by he introduction of a downlighter and to allow for maximum ease of fitting.