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By: Colmar Brunton  06-Dec-2011

    14. How come research companies charge different prices for the same piece of research?
    Price is usually a reflection of many factors that impact on research: existing knowledge of clients commissioning the research and their market, expertise of the researchers and the knowledge and experience they bring to the design of the research, sophistication of research tools and analysis, and strategic guidance to drive breakthrough business strategies. Find out more about Colmar Brunton's expert team, click through to ; ;

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Young, leading edge people represent the future of their societies, in terms of values, ideals, aspirations, consumer behaviours and how they engage with brands and brand communications.. In order for brands to manage meaning (and maximise brand value) in the longer term, you need to understand how things are changing.


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We are so committed to helping our client’s deliver great customer experiences every time because we firmly believe that this not only makes your business stronger, but it makes the world a better place to live in as well. Long term business success depends on happy customers, because happy customers keep coming back. Colmar Brunton is New Zealand's most well-known and trusted market research company.