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By: Citylink  06-Dec-2011
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FibreLINK provides the flexiblility and security of dark fibre for connecting your own equipment and also the ability to build your own communication network.

CityLink is one of the few companies that leases dark fibre around the main centres. FibreLINK is a 7x24 supported service with IT support only a phone call away.  FibreLINK is a very cost effective way of having your own dedicated private fibre solution, either single point to point or ring topology providing diversity.

Benefits with Known Costs

FibreLINK is one of CityLINK’s most popular service because it offers customers freedom, reliability, security and performance.




are an inherent benefit of FibreLINK because data is not being switched, routed, or tunneled over a service providers network – instead customers receive a dedicated purpose built point-to-point fibre circuit for their exclusive use. All FibreLINK services are delivered as fibre to the floor.

FibreLINK also offers total


over the choice of technology  and protocols deployed over the fibre optic circuit. The


of FibreLINK is unparalleled because an optical fibre circuit has almost


FibreLINK services are priced at a fixed monthly rate for the exclusive use of a dedicated fibre optic circuit.

Keywords: Fibre Optic, It Support, Service Providers

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