ChangeWorks - Shared HR Services

By: Changeworks  06-Dec-2011

As organisations grow, they need to be sure they are recruiting the best people, have cost-effective training and development programmes that deliver the goods, motivating staff with the most appropriate type of remuneration, managing the performance of staff, and comply with all the necessary employment relations legislation and requirements.

Has your organisation grown to the point where you have to start thinking about some more formalised systems and processes, especially as they apply to your most important resource – your people?

Cost effective HR services

ChangeWorks provides access to all the HR services that exist in a major corporate, in a cost effective manner. Our consultants have significant experience in the full range of HR services, gained through senior management roles in New Zealand and internationally.

ChangeWorks’ HR Service business model is not complex

Initially, a ChangeWorks consultant would conduct an HR Audit of your organisation to identify those HR areas currently catered for internally, assess your gaps and areas of risk, and make recommendations of where you need to focus your HR efforts.

This Audit is a stand-alone exercise and provides an accurate assessment of current HR capability and requirements. If the need to increase your HR capability is apparent, ChangeWorks would use the Audit findings to develop a Service Level Agreement for a suite of HR services, with a range of fees according the level and complexity of the service.

In effect, ChangeWorks becomes your HR department, providing you with what you need, when you need it

ChangeWorks offers a range of expert services in Human Resource Management, including:

  • Advice on Human Resource Management strategy
  • Organisational Development expertise
  • Position and competency analysis
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Development advice
  • HRM policy development
  • Performance Management
  • Diversity planning
  • 360º feedback set-up and administration
  • Remuneration advice
  • Salary review advice and administration
  • Employment relations management
  • Exit and redundancy strategies

Other products and services from Changeworks


ChangeWorks - Strategic Services

ChangeWorks’ Strategic Services help organisations think broadly and deeply about their future and how they will operate successfully in it. At the centre of this work is engaging you to consider your potential challenges, ahead and charting a course to meet them. We use a range of facilitated approaches to arrive at options for new directions, strategy and business planning.


ChangeWorks Products

In the course of our work with individuals and teams, we use a number of proven diagnostic tools, which help people to understand each other’s work styles, strengths and areas for improvement. This provides valuable feedback in the key management areas of leadership, decision-making, team building, interpersonal skills, organisation and information management.


ChangeWorks HR Services

We can provide this service on behalf of your senior managers, where there is not a dedicated HR person on site or we can work alongside your HR people providing expertise in specific areas. ChangeWorks works with large and small organisations in providing a range of HR services, often as part of a change process or capability building process.