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By: Catalyst  06-Dec-2011

Catalyst provides services to some of New Zealand's largest organisations. We specialise in providing open source solutions, and have been successfully doing so since 1999.

Catalyst has substantial in-depth practical knowledge in a number of free and open source technologies. Our skills in these areas are sought both within New Zealand and internationally. In many cases our staff are significant contributors to these projects, and as an organisation we have successful deployed solutions using these technologies in a wide range of circumstances.






Automated packaging and deployment

To build and maintain large-scale open source applications and the infrastructure to support them, Catalyst has highly developed packaging and deployment processes and techniques. These processes are efficient, reproducible and reduce the risks involved in complex, business-critical deployments. We can bring the benefits of this approach to your organisation.

Server configuration management

Design and performance optimisation for high-load systems

Catalyst uses a range of techniques and technology to design systems capable of supporting extreme loads and high performance. While every system is different, Catalyst can help you work through challenging requirements in a systematic, measurable way to meet your business needs through open source technology.

Identity management and single sign on

We use open standards approaches to provide single sign on support across multiple systems, often across multiple organisations. We can tackle complex SSO requirements, especially where they involve environments hosting several open source applications, such as in the education sector.

Other products and services from Catalyst


Moodle | Catalyst IT - New Zealand's leading open source company

Early on in the planning stage of the New Zealand Virtual Learning Environment project we recognised the need for a development team with a track record of delivering complex Internet based applications using open source technology. That's a pretty hard ask – so we feel very lucky that we've got Catalyst on board – they're brilliant to work with and they’re helping us take open source in education to a new level.


Drupal | Catalyst IT - New Zealand's leading open source company

This open development model means that people are constantly working to make sure Drupal is a cutting-edge platform that supports the latest technologies that the Web has to offer. Drupal has developed a reputation internationally as a highly effective and functional web development framework. Drupal is licensed as General Public License Version 2 and has been a free software project since its inception.


Software Development | Catalyst IT

Learning Management Systems - Catalyst has a world class team of learning management specialists capable of building large scale systems based on Moodle for education. Library Management Systems - Catalyst has in depth experience with the leading open source library management system.


Open Source Support | Catalyst IT

All our support services are covered by robust Service Level Agreements , with monitoring and reporting so you can be sure you are getting the level of service you require. With over 80 technical staff and 10 years in open source, Catalyst has the resources to provide local one-stop in-depth support for your business systems.


Open Source Consulting | Catalyst IT

Project Management – Our team can manage and collaborate on a web project all the way from inception to completion, keeping you informed and involved every step of the way, keeping tabs on deadlines, dollars and deliverables. We can also help you plan an open source adoption strategy for your organisation, including helping you build in-house capability to support free and open source technology.


Koha | Catalyst IT - New Zealand's leading open source company

We can also handle the migration of your catalogue and patron information from the system you use today into a new Koha set aside just for you. Making sure your Koha is up to date with the latest new features as they become available. All server equipment and hardware maintenance. Making sure your Koha is safe and secure.