Social Media Review – Catalyst90

By: Catalyst 90  06-Dec-2011

It can be tough striking the right presence in the social media world. At Catalyst90 we understand that with the right advice and the right strategy, social media can be a rich source of quality customer interactions that enhance brand positioning and grow your business, after all New Zealand consumers are demanding it!

Maybe you have been dabbling in social media tools for a while now, but don’t feel like you are getting any traction, or maybe you are not sure you should even take the plunge into the world of social media.

It doesn’t need to be confusing or hard: whatever your current social media strategy, Catalyst90 can help you get the balance right.

Talk to us about our Searchlight on Social Media, a tailored package that zooms right in on your current social media positioning. Searchlight will paint a candid picture of your brand’s exposure and overlay that with an assessment of your current social media strategy, giving you an accurate scorecard of your performance. We’ll provide you with valuable feedback on whether you should even be involved, how you can improve, and recommend steps to help you achieve the right outcomes.

Other products and services from Catalyst 90


Tactics – Catalyst90

From interactive Facebook applications to live-streaming video through Facebook, social media training and intelligent social media reporting, we have it covered. We have developed a suite of intuitive products that enable our clients to easily and expertly engage in social media. Build your Facebook presence and social media brand equity with Catalyst90.


Strategy – Catalyst90

With our experience and understanding of social media, we can advise you on the best social media strategies for your business. Catalyst90 strategies allow growth by using social media networks to develop quality relationships to build your market. We know that the battleground for your customer is the internet.


Social Media Monitoring – Catalyst90

Raw data can be accessed immediately through CatalystSONAR, enabling you to get an immediate read on emergent issues; analysis of data can be provided within 24 hours. Comprehensive and customisable reporting gives your business the edge and enables you to use social media statistics to drive effective business strategy.


Facebook Apps with CatalystTORCH – Catalyst90

We can build you a customized micro-site within the Facebook environment to provide a richer experience for your customers. Increase your control over your Facebook page, manage and create exciting content and keep it relevant to your customers. Catalyst Torch allows your brand to maximize its functionality inside Facebook.


CatalystLIVE – Catalyst90

CatalystLive is yet another way that Catalyst90 helps you to enhance the Facebook experience for your customer, by live-streaming footage directly into your Facebook page. CatalystLive can complement any live-streamed event with genuine up-selling opportunities to sell merchandise and other products within the CatalystLive environment.