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Trade Mark ServicesA trademark is any word, name, symbol, or design, or any combination thereof, used in commerce to identify and distinguish the goods of one manufacturer or seller from those of another and to indicate the source of the goods.

In globalization age, today's development and management of intangible assets have become a major priority to many organizations and businesses. Trademarks for many enterprises are fabulous stories of success and their most valuable assets.

C&H has a full range of trademark as well as full kinds of litigation. We serve the matter concern with Intellectual Property Protection rights especially for trademark registration, renewal and publication for local as well as foreign clients. We also are legal consultant to many foreign firms have extensive experience with trademark protection, helping companies select names that can be protected by trademark law, and assisting clients with registration and infringement matters. 

C&H attach an equal importance to the economic interests of lients no matter whether they are individuals, small and medium-sized entities or they are large multi-national companies. From clearance searches to post registration advice on use and exploitation of the registered IP rights, we add value to our services by understanding the businesses of our clients in providing commercially relevant advice and formulating practical strategies to best protect their rights and interests.

Patent Services

A patent is a right granted for any device, substance, method or process which is new, inventive and useful.

A patent is legally enforceable and gives the owner the exclusive right tocommercially exploit the invention for the life of the patent. This is not automatic-you must apply for a patent to obtain exclusive rights to exploit your invention.

Patents give effective protection if you have invented new technology that will lead to a product, composition or process with significant long-term commercial gain.

In return, patent applicants must share their know-how by providing a full description of how their invention works. This information becomes public and can provide the basis for further research by others.

C&H provides valuable input at every part of the invention patenting process to reduce the risks of failure and to minimise costs. And we always take the first step to advise our client to conduct a prior patent search.

C&H specialises in patent drafting, including the drafting of biotech patent, pharmaceutical patent and life sciences patent specifications. And we have professional translators who have rich experience in handling invention translation into different languages, which can highly reduce the chance of office action due to translation.

Industrial Deisgn Services What is a Design in Singapore?

A Design refers to the features of shape, configuration, pattern or ornament applied to an article by an industrial process. It is the appearance of articles we see everyday. An article refers to any object to which the design is applied.

Registered Designs are used primarily to protect designs for industrial use. It is the right given by the Government to the owner to control the use of his design.

By registering a design, the owner obtains a right to ownership and the right to prevent others from using the design without his permission.

The owner of a registered design can exploit his design in many ways. He may use it to better protect his market share by barring copying by others, license it to third parties for commercial returns or sell the design for a sum of money.

C&H is rich experienced in filing the application to register designs in most of countries throughout the world or overseas. C&H serve local, regional and international clients including companies involved with complex technologies, such as communications, manufacturing and service industries. In representing these clients, we usually deal with virtually every issue associated with identifying patent able innovations, securing and protecting patents and enforcing patent rights.

l process. It is the appearance of articles we see everyday. An article refers to any object to

Copyright Services

In general, copyright is the right given to the owner of an original work. This right can subsist in literary works such as books and computer software, musical works such as musical compositions, dramatic works such as plays, artistic works such as drawings, paintings and sculptures, sound recordings, films, broadcasts, cable programmes and the typographical arrangement of published editions of literary, dramatic or musical works, as well as performers' performances. Copyright works made available on the Internet environment are also protected.

In fact, the subsistence of copyright does not require the work to have an aesthetic value nor to be clever nor very creative. It exists even in an item as simple as a photograph taken by an ordinary person in daily life.

Unlike most other forms of intellectual property, copyrights -- rights that protect works of authorship -- are usually conferred automatically upon the work’s creation.

Works of authorship are wide-ranging, including literary, musical and visual art works as well as computer programs, films and broadcasting.

Since most countries protect copyrights automatically, legal assistance generally involves transactions or enforcement regarding those rights. The notable exception is in the United States, where registration is not required but is nevertheless recommended.

Keywords: Intellectual Property, Patent

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A registered design is a legal rightC & H INT'L CONSULTANT LIMITED

The visual features that form the design include such things as the lines, contours, colors, shape, texture, materials and the ornamentation of the product which, when applied to the product, give it a unique appearance. A registered design is a legal right which protects the overall visual appearance of a product in the geographical area you register it.