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By: Body Systems  06-Dec-2011
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Increase energy and endurace naturally with little birds superfoods salad clusters are made from activated almonds, pumpkin

seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds that are blended with three different types of sea vegetables and a hint of spice to make the perfect nutirtion filled delicous addition to your salad.

Packed with vitamin E, calcium, iron and protein these tasty salad clusters will provide you with vitamins and minerals to help get your glow on. Sprinkle them on your salads, on top of your crackers, in your sandwhich or eat them on there own as a trail mix.

Ingredients; Activated Almonds*, Activated Pumpkin seeds*, Activated Sunflower seeds*, Activated Sesame seeds*, Korengo, Kelp, Sea lettuce, Tamari*, Spices*

150g Bag  

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Keywords: Increase Energy

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Even with the best of intentions, the challenges and temptations of everyday life can lead to unhealthy eating habits. You may be living with constant stress, weight worries, exhaustion, digestive difficultiesand emotional upheaval. Top quality food is a great way to improve your life in so many ways.


Body Systems - superfoodclusters

Put it in your pocket while climbing Mt Everest, sprinkle on your morning fruit before base jumping off the office builiding or eat any way that makes you feel super. Our energy specific nutitional blend of organic activated nuts, seeds and fruits will help get you up the mountain two steeps at a time. FYI One serving of superfoods trail clusters will give you your recommendand daily intake of selenium, now thats super.