360 Assessment - Boardroom360

By: Boardroom  05-Apr-2012

360 Assessment - Boardroom360

We assess a Board's governance capability - from processes to behaviour, enabling board members to govern more effectively. As a board member or trustee you should:

Be confident that:

  • The performance of the organisation is reaching its full potential;
  • Information received is sufficient, timely and accurate;
  • The composition of the board is diverse, yet brings a balance of experience and wisdom, and aligns with the organisation's strategic intent;
  • Processes and procedures reflect best practice;
  • Your board will not be exposed to influences that could impact on the reputation of the board members and the organisation.

Feel satisfied that:

  • The board can keep up with and manage the changing risks facing the business;
  • The board is prioritising and assessing the effectiveness of its risk management and corporate governance procedures;
  • The organisation is engaging with its shareholders and stakeholders.

Appreciate and understand:

  • Management's, shareholders' and stakeholders perception of the board's performance;
  • The level of respect and trust required between board members, board and management, board and shareholders and stakeholders.

Our 360 Assessment will assist you in understanding how well your board meets the above criteria.

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