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By: Beauty And Beyond Urban Day Spa  06-Dec-2011

Lam Probe 4000

The Lam Probe was introduced to the aesthetic market in 1990. It incorporates radio and high frequency technology to produce a non-invasive current that enables rapid and precise treatment of minor skin irregularities. This allows for minimal treatment time with very effective results with little or no downtime.

The Lam Probe can be used for treating:

  1. Telangiectasia (Red Vein)
  2. Skin Tag with Stalk
  3. Cherry Angioma (Blood Spots)
  4. Clogged Pores
  5. Millia (Whiteheads)
  6. Cholesterol deposits
  7. Fibromas (Age Spots)

Questions and Answers

How does the Lam Probe work?

It uses radio, high frequency current which electro-dessicates and electro-coagulates minor irregularities on the surface of the skin. Moisture in the tissue is vaporized.

How does the Lam Probe current differ from that of a laser?

The Lam Probe is less powerful, but more precise and more accurate.

What makes the Lam Probe different?

Most electrical currents used in the beauty industry exclude those who may have pacemakers, hearing aids or may be pregnant. With the use of radio high frequency current we are able to treat the affected area directly.

How quick are the treatments and how quickly do you see results?

Treatments last only a few seconds, results are instantaneous.

What are the contraindications?

Skin diseases, pigmented skin lesions and open wounds should not be treated. Some treatments may require a doctor's certificate.

Are there any side effects or pain associated with Lam Probe treatments?

Depending on the client's sensitivity there can be minor discomfort. The feeling is similar to a pinch of the skin or a stinging feeling. With some treatments there may be some slight scabbing.

What sort of regimen should clients follow post treatment?

The treated area should be kept clean. Clients are able to apply mineral makeup/concealer if they wish.

How much will it cost?

Sessions are 15 mins - cost $50
Additional probes - cost $10

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