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By: Beauty And Beyond Urban Day Spa  06-Dec-2011

Safe, Effective and Painless

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Smile - one of the first things that people notice when they meet someone is their smile. We are proud to offer Bleachbright - a new technology for teeth whitening that works in just 20 minutes.

Comfort - the procedure is very simple, using a combination of pulsed light, a whitening formula and a whitening accelerator to quickly and safely whiten your teeth.

Results - a typical treatment will brighten your teeth up to 8 shades whiter. The procedure will not harm dental work, but will work to remove stains and make crowns and veneers less noticeable.

Questions and Answers

How does Bleachbright work?

The key to the success of our whitening system is the patented blue light technology, which increases the potency of whitening in a fraction of the time and cost, compared to other techniques available.

How long will the process last?

Up to two years, when carrying out good dental hygiene.

Is Bleachbright safe?

Research has shown that if the teeth and gums are normal and healthy there are no adverse effects to the bleaching of ones teeth.

Can the light burn?

No, the light is a cold light which produces no heat.

Who can benefit from the Bleachbright treatment?

Almost everyone

Will it work on crowns and caps?

Bleachbright will remove stains from crowns and caps but will not change the original colour.

How long before I can eat or drink after my first treatment?

For the first 24 hours we would recommend to avoid coffee, dark coloured soft drinks, red wine, berries etc.

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