Credit Risk Insurance for SMEs from Atradius New Zealand

By: Atradius  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Financial Services, Risk Management, Debt Collection

Financial services for what you do best- but securely 

It’s important that any credit management solution is designed to provide a real advantage to your business and can fit with the way your business operates.

Simplicity and ease of use, a first class support infrastructure and, most importantly, cost efficiency are critical when considering credit insurance, risk management or debt collection services. It’s pointless for any company, and particularly a small or medium sized business, to purchase credit management products and services that merely add to the complexity and the time spent in trying to manage your business. We’ve realised this, and developed - and continue to develop - products that are specifically targeted at SMEs. We provide tailored insurance cover and debt collection service without eating up your time and resources.

If you’ve suffered a financial loss through no fault of your own, or if you are experiencing payment delays then our simple credit insurance and/or collections service can help. And if you’re looking to expand into new sectors or international markets then we can provide critical business information and security against the risks that are often associated with business growth.

Supporting dynamic and sustainable business development is how we see our role in credit risk management and we’re ideally positioned to work with you to help support your business growth, whether at home or overseas.

Keywords: Credit Insurance, Credit Management, Credit Risk Management, Debt Collection, Financial Services, Risk Management

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What is Credit Insurance? - Atradius

It covers the risk of financial loss that can occur when trade credit is offered by a business to its corporate customers – thus providing a set period of credit after provision of products or services before payment is due. This two-minute video explains what credit insurance is and demonstrates the relationship between the supplier, buyer and the credit insurer.


Credit Insurance and Risk Management Solutions for Large Business in New Zealand

Providing a broad scope of cover options, our credit insurance is supported by a first class policy management system, letting you manage and view your policy details simply and easily online. Having a strong credit management structure in place is very important if you’re to meet your company's expectations of business growth.


Credit Risk Management and Insurance Solutions for Multinationals from Atradius New Zealand

In addition, our Special Products team can provide unique solutions where traditional credit management products can’t meet your needs, including single situation cover, tender exchange rate indemnity and excess of loss cover. Whether trading in developed markets or expanding into emerging markets there are significant risks involved in establishing and fulfilling contracts involving high revenues.


Why do I need Atradius Modula Credit Insurance in New Zealand

In a world that increasingly trades without barriers, the depth of security the Modula Policy provides, allows you to trade freely with peace of mind in both your domestic and export markets. Commercial opportunity and risk are inextricably linked and even trading in established markets carries few guarantees with the business environment getting more and more competitive.