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By: Arian Systems  06-Dec-2011
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This is the engine room of the POSnet suite. It is the application that is installed either on your BackOffice server or on a Win XP Pro computer used in the office.  It allows you to manage all aspects of your Point of Sale situation from your office without the need to go to each checkout or lane. Therefore you save valuable time while still being in total control. If you also use POSnetPOS at the POS then you can see all the transactions as they happen. The Server differs from POSnet Work Station in that the Server contains the database where all the POS information is held. The POSnet-ECR option is a server as well but has the facility to connect to and control a range of Electronic Cash Registers. Below is a detailed list of all the features you will find in the POSnet Server application.


  • » POSnet uses an industrial strength database (Microsoft SQL Server 2008) This technology is infinitely scalable and works very well and reliably from the small one checkout store right the way up to a multi national retail chain.

Product and PLU Maintenance

  • » Many Product and PLU descriptions with provision for alternative languages
  • » Classifications Of Products into Types, Categories, Groups, each having up to six different classification tables, each table having as many entries as you care to define.
  • » Products can be grouped for accumulating cost of goods sold
  • » A comprehensive selection of Product labels and bar coded shelf and display labels can be selected and printed.
  • » Multiple units of measure for the same product is possible.
  • » Control many aspects of your Products and PLUs. Are they Weighed items, do they need a price entered at POS, are you tracking their inventory status?
  • » BULK CHANGE is quick and easy to use. Many of the changes you make to more than one product can be done quickly with POSnet's special BULK CHANGE feature

Changing PLU Prices, Retail and wholesale,

    • » Change prices and have them sent to the cash registers at any time.
    • » If you are using POSnet-POS then Price changes at the POS can become effective immediately.
    • » Have items placed on or off special at dates you choose.
    • » Automatically print shelf labels and queue changes (if that is your store policy)
    • » Various retail, wholesale and customer specific prices are possible

Stock Status, Control and Location, and Stock Take

  • » Manage the stock status of selected products.
  • » Know when to reorder them before they run out. 
  • » Conduct easy and selective Stock Takes on items to track their accuracy. Shrinkage has killed many businesses.
  • » Update stock status or stock take from handheld stock counting PDAs.
  • » Inwards Goods features that make life so much easier.
  • » Stock location so Product can be sold from multiple stock locations
  • » Stock transfer feature
  • » Stock expense from a selected location to a department where the cost of the product is expensed to the Cost of Goods sold of that department without effecting the sales figures for that product.
  • » Stock valuation and status reports by department as well as by stock location. 
  • » Stock Cost can be 'Last Purchase Cost' or 'Average Cost' or manually set.

Sales, Profit and Cost of Goods Sold tracking and reporting

  • » A wide selection of sales and transaction reporting possible. Dept, Product, Transaction, Hourly reports can all be viewed and printed.
  • » Most reports can be integrated to MS Excel. (Opens Excel and pops the data in ready for you to use.)
  • » All products with a cost associated contribute to Department and Product Cost of Goods Sold. Together with the sales revenue a true gross profit can be reported against each product.
  • » The Inwards Goods module allows non-stocked items to be expensed to a department. This means an accurate department gross profit can be determined and passed to your accounting system.
  • » Reports on best and worse performing products.

Customer and Guest Maintenance

  • » Maintenance of Customer or Guest details.
  • » Full Account Receivable management for guest or customers with charge accounts.
  • » Guest accounts can be pulled up on the POS based on POSnet-POS.
  • » Sell wholesale as well as retail.
  • » Accept payments of accounts through any Retail Point of sale as well as in the back office.
  • » Export of transactions to your accounting package
  • » Flexible Back Office Invoicing module for non Product Sale Invoices
  • » Back Office Invoice Module Touch Screen interface for smart and efficient wholesale operations. Wholesale and Retail operations totally integrated if required.
  • » Trial Balances and Statements as at any date you wish. No need be in the office at difficult times just to generate reports and customer statements.
  • » The Customer Accounts are all open items so you never loose details.

Supplier Maintenance and Purchase History

  • » Maintenance of Supplier Details. 
  • » With the Inwards Goods Module build up your supplier history.
  • » Accounts Payable maintenance from data entered at Inwards Goods time.
  • » You can place purchase orders with your suppliers directly from POSnet.
  • » Updates Stock status automatically from goods received processes.
  • » Export of transactions to your accounting package

Scheduler, Networking and Multi Branch/Store Features

  • » The TASKLIST alerts you to issues you would otherwise have to scan lengthy reports to find.
  • » POSnet SCHEDULER is integrated so it virtually runs itself. Great for hosted sites controlled from a Head Office, and leaves POSnet to do the updates while you go home.
  • » Back Office Invoice Module Touch Screen interface for smart and efficient wholesale operations. Wholesale and Retail operations totally integrated if required.
  • » POSnet is Multi-User, meaning you can access POSnet and your Back Office Systems from any PC on your network. With Remote Desktop you can connect to POSnet from your home PC.
  • » POSnet is Multi-Store, with branch sales reporting.
  • » With suitable infrastructure POSnet can be multi-site, with POS terminals and even ECRs at remote locations.
  • » POSnetPC, and eventually POSnet will support multiple languages, switch between the language the operator wishes to use.
  • » System requirements. Win XPPro. PIII or greater, 256Mb min 200Mb HDD space minimum, but make allowances for your database and backups.
  • » POSnet is Microsoft Based, written in dotNET C#. It is industrial strength (the same language that Microsoft now uses to write their new software applications and operating systems). POSnet is network-enabled making interconnection of your systems across many sites easy and convenient.

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