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By: Arian Systems  06-Dec-2011
Keywords: Point of Sale, Cash Registers, Touch Screen

POSnet-POS has many features but still essentially is a simple and easy to use application. Coupled with the back office server running POSnet-SRVR you will have a very powerful and comprehensive system. Here are some of the main features you will find in POSnetPOS.

  • » PC based Point of Sale, no inflexible cash registers to deal with
  • » Touch Screen in 800x600, 1024x768 or greater screen resolution.
  • » Keyboard operation again with 800x600, 1024x768 or greater screen resolution Not recommended for busy businesses
  • » Less space required at the checkout.
  • » What is under each key or touch pad is totally owner configurable.
  • » Scanner enabled with a range of devises from simple USB and Keyboard wedge styles up to the combined laser scanner and scales used by many large supermarkets.
  • » Scales for weighed items. A range is available please ask about your specific model on the forum.
  • » Unlimited Products and Plus available at all times. No size or memory limitation that you get with ECRs
  • » Keyboard can be a simple and inexpensive PC keyboard. Keys A-Z can be set up to have up to four PLUs on each. A simple label attached to the key can be changed at any time.
  • » Works with Programmable Keyboards and again once setup using POSnet you can change what key is for what PLU or Product without using difficult and technical utilities to maintain the Keyboards Programming.
  • » The touch screens provide you with a one touch per PLU operation. With a structure you can configure there is virtually 1000s of single touch pads available for one shot product keys. (Unlike the limitations you fine with most ECRs)
  • » Receipt Printer can be a normal Thermal POS Receipt Printer or your normal computer printer, even though it might be a bit slower than the industry standard normally used.
  • » Wholesale Point Of Sale and Retail situations where Customer Charge is required. Some examples are the Hospitality, Accommodation, Trade Merchants and Services industries.
  • » Foreign Language support on the POSnetPOS screens (not there yet).
  • » Price required items is as simple as setting the PLU price to Zero, no fancy and difficult ECR flags to set up.
  • » The Plu description on the screen and receipt can be in the language you choose. A chose of two description fields is available in POSnet and you can chose to use either on a product by product basis.
  • » Charge Client or Customer accounts. Even when they pay for their purchases, this feature makes it ideal for Xmas Club, Loyalty and Reward cards. As more than one card can be associated with a Purchase (Basket) third part programs like "Flybuys" can be accommodated. Again some customisation may be necessary so please tell us what you specific requirements are via the Forum.
  • » Customer specific product pricing. Include customer specific quantity discounting.
  • » POSnet Provides a simple "End of Shift" or "End of Day" drawer report that provides allows you to use POSnetPOS standalone.
  • » PLUs and Barcodes can be scanned in from a POS scanner.
  • » PLUs and Barcodes can be entered manually from the key pad or keyboard.
  • » PLU's can be entered from One Shot Keys or Touch Pads. These are all owner configurable.
  • » There are many function keys those that you would expect on any good ECR. Cash In/Out, Discounts Tender Keys, Void etc.
  • » There are 8 tender keys.
  • » Even if you use the Touch Screen interface you can still use the keyboard as well.
  • » Clear and easy to use operator interface, large text so you only need one display for both checkout operator and customer. Very visible.
  • » Function keys available
      • » Enter or scan Customer ID
      • » Enter or scan Barcode or Plu number
      • » Positive Discount (Add a percentage to the basket total)
      • » Negative Discount (subtract a percentage from the basket total)
      • » Eight Tender Keys including four credit card keys
      • » Four PLU Key shift keys, each PLU Keyboard Key can have 4 PLUs assigned to it.
      • » Qty for next item
      • » Refund next item
      • » Print a Second receipt on the POS printer
      • » Void the last basket
      • » Remove or delete an item from the basket.
      • » Re-Synchronise with the Server.
      • » Cash In
      • » Cash out
      • » Basket on Hold
      • » Pickup a Basket that is on hold
  • » Redundancy. POSnetPC will continue working even when the connection to POSnet-Srvr is broken. When it returns, or is fixed, the data is updated. (Some server feature will not be available when POSnetPOS is disconnected.)
  • » Real-time sales visible as each basket (customer transaction) is completed
  • » Comprehensive POS reports are available in POSnet to support POSnetPOS.
  • » Put any number of Baskets on Hold while carrying on with a new sale. Come back to them when you are able.
  • » Transfer a basket to another terminal. Transfer a basket to another lane. (Not yet functioning)
  • » View the sales of any Product, PLU or Department in real time, as it happens.
  • » Monitor the actual transactions as they occur at a POS terminal, View the CCTV screen at the same time, no need for expensive register monitoring systems.
  • » Review the POSnetPOS journal going back as long as you wish to keep record. Do this from any POSnet workstation you are working at.

POSnet is not available from this web site. A nation wide distributor and support network exists throughout New Zealand. Please see the contact section for your local reseller.

Keywords: Cash Registers, Point of Sale, Touch Screen, Touch Screens

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