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By: Arian Systems  06-Dec-2011
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A new era in Point of Sale control. Network from anywhere, take control from wherever you happen to be. Incorporate both Electonic Cash Registers with POSnet's own PC based Point of sale POSnetPC.

POSnet is more than just an interface to your electronic cash registers, it is also a fully featured business management application. It is the hub of your businesses day-to-day operation - looking after pricing, sales history, stock management, purchasing and much more.

POSnet allows quick and easy administration of your point of sale checkouts. Everyday tasks such as price adjustments can be performed remotely from your office PC, without ever having to physically touch your electronic cash registers or POSnetPC.

With a range of built-in reports, POSnet provides up-to-date, accurate information at the touch of a button, giving you time to focus on your business, not your cash register.

POSnet can enhance the capabilities of your existing electronic cash registers by:

  • » allowing valuable sales information to be collected and stored without impacting on service times
  • » providing accurate information on the numbers of items sold, and therefore re-ordering requirements
  • » alerting you to pending price changes to be sent to the ECRs, shelf labels to be printed, or reordering required.

With POSnet, you are in control. You will know:

  • » how much stock you have
  • » what items are out of stock
  • » what items are about to be out of stock
  • » what products are making you the most money
  • » what products are costing you the most money.
  • » a detailed report showing the total value and status of all your stock
  • » total sales figures
  • » a summary of your outstanding debtors (if you run accounts)
  • » a detailed picture of just what is earning you money and what is not.

POSnet comes in a range of options to suit your specific needs:

  • » POSnet-SRVR is the Backoffice application that includes the POSnet SQL Database
  • » POSnet-POS is the software that lets you use industrial strength Touch Point of Sale hardware as well as standard PC as a modern, flexible and easy to use Point of Sale systems. It can operate as a standalone workstation or be one of an unlimited number of checkouts spread as far as your organisation's network and future. It is fully Network Enabled.
  • » POSnet-Lite is a simpler version of POSnet-POS designed as aeasy to use and easy to setup alternative to the old cash register technology. This can be upgraded with a Back Office to a full POS system thus protecting you investiment as your business grows.
  • » Support: Is flexible affordable and can be taylored to meet all needs and bugets Form Ah-hoc no subscription pay as you go to full 24x7 support subscriptions.

POSnet is not available from this web site. A nation wide distributor and support network exists throughout New Zealand. Please see the contact section for your local reseller.

Keywords: Cash Registers, Electronic Cash, Electronic Cash Registers, Point of Sale, Shelf Labels

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Arian Systems Limited - posnetpcf

Works with Programmable Keyboards and again once setup using POSnet you can change what key is for what PLU or Product without using difficult and technical utilities to maintain the Keyboards Programming. Scanner enabled with a range of devises from simple USB and Keyboard wedge styles up to the combined laser scanner and scales used by many large supermarkets.


Arian Systems Limited - posnetsrvr

Stock expense from a selected location to a department where the cost of the product is expensed to the Cost of Goods sold of that department without effecting the sales figures for that product. The Server differs from POSnet Work Station in that the Server contains the database where all the POS information is held. Full Account Receivable management for guest or customers with charge accounts.


Arian Systems Limited - posnetpct

Remember that even if you are using a touch screen system you can still have the keyboard of your choice connected and functioning as well with your POS terminal using POSnetPOS. There are many Touch Screen POS hardware screens and all-in-one systems available and POSnet-POS will work with most as long as they meet the POSnet Systems Requirements.