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Keywords: Project Management, Business Optimization

Advancer offers a range of services - all blending technology and business disciplines with the goal of advancing your business. Although we like to think of ourselves as being flexible and able to apply ourselves to help you get the best value from money from the application of existing or new technology implementation, we have described the general lines of business we are most frequently engaged in by our customers:

Business Optimization

Most organizations collect large amounts of operational data - but never realize the benefits from analyzing then acting upon what is found. We can help your organization come up with innovative solutions that leverage this information to drive better top and bottom line performance.

We do this by identifying and analyzing what information is currently collected by technical and non technical systems via an initial audit. We then then establish what can be done to make this more accessible to business decision makers, identifying reporting gaps, emerging trends and new business opportunities as they present themselves.

We do this with a strong focus on operations and your organization's profit and loss to determine "low hanging fruit" type opportunities for large improvements in top and bottom line financials at the lowest possible cost.

Solutions Architecture

Does your organization know where you want to go, but not how to get there from a technical perspective? We offer vendor independent technology architectural advice. We do this leveraging best of breed solutions whether open source or proprietary, ensuring these are "right sized" for your organization from a financial perspective.

In this space our technical skills include use of open source, Microsoft .Net and J2EE technologies which when coupled with a strong understanding of your business financials and operations results in us being able to recommend architecture strategies that match your business plans. In many cases this means short, medium and long term strategies which are different due to changing scale or growth of your business and your required "time to market".

To make this understandable and achievable we combine these strategies together in an overall business technology architecture roadmap spanning from immediate requirements to the longer term encompassing your organization's strategy and planned IT expenditure over time.

Agile Project Management

Are your technology projects loosing their way under a mountain of documentation and process management? We offer an alternative technology implementation methodology based on "Agile" methods - delivering deployable software every 3-4 weeks.

Using our experience in software development in Microsoft and J2EE based domains we are uniquely positioned to assist your technology project teams achieving results without being bogged down in mountains of paperwork typically advocated by more traditional project management and quality processes and methodologies. To achieve this we base our processes on establishment of a shared vision and scope for the project which is agreed up front by key business stakeholders, followed by a changeover into more agile methods during the construction or implementation phase.

During implementation or construction of the project outputs (typically software or technology integration) we then assist your team by helping them to communicate with business stakeholders and ensuring usable output from the project is delivered every three to four weeks via demonstration. During each delivery sprint we are able to coach your team on backlog re-prioritization according to stakeholder feedback, implementation via daily "stand up" meetings with the development team.

Interim/Part Time Technology Management

Often for smaller organizations, the need to deploy smart technology and business solutions is just as high as that for larger organizations - but without the benefit of having deep pockets to fund improvements or developments. This can often lead to a situation where smaller or rapidly growing organizations need access to both innovative lower cost solutions, as well as the kind of business technology advice normally only available to larger organizations with an in-house IT team.

Additionally, as part of this service we are able to assist with technology procurement and vendor management representing your organization's view and best interests in a form that is able to ensure your organization is getting high levels of value for money from vendors or external IT projects.

Keywords: Business Optimization, Project Management,

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