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Abode Air Conditioning Ltd supplies and professionally installs Daikin, Panasonic and Fujitsu Heat Pump Systems for your home and/or office use. These are brands that we know and trust.

Our specialist staff are trained and experienced in offering you a range of choices that are best suited to your individual requirements and budgets.

You can call us for any brand enquires.

Our quotation service is FREE - that's the beauty of it!

Single Split

A single split system consists of a single exterior compressor unit connected to an interior indoor unit. That can be a Floor, Hi Wall or Cassette heat pump system. These are the most common heat pumps in New Zealand.

Our experienced team will work with you to make sure that the indoor and outdoor units are located in the best possible location to suit your individual requirements.

Multi Systems

A Multi System heat pump outdoor compressor can connect to more than one indoor unit; often one indoor unit is located in the living area and another in the hall or bedroom areas of the house. Each indoor unit has its own remote control so you can set different levels of heating for each unit/area.

The outside compressor can connect to hiwalls/floor mounted or a cassette indoor unit.

We will discuss your individual requirements and work closely with you in determining the best possible location.

Again all part of our friendly service.

Ducted Systems

A Ducted System has a large indoor unit hidden in the ceiling space or under the floor and warm (or cool) air is pumped through insulated ducts to the ceiling or floor vents throughout the entire house.

At Abode we can design a ducted system that suits all your needs and make sure the correct system is selected, and correct levels of air flow per room is achieved.

Again all part of our friendly service.


Abode Air Conditioning Commercial are specialists in designing, supplying, installing and servicing a wide range of top quality products in the air conditioning and ventilation fields to suit all commercial requirements.

Whether you are looking for air conditioning, fresh air ventilation or extract air systems for a single office space, schools, banks, hotels, church buildings or a complicated multi story building. Abode is your one stop shop.

Utilising market leading brands in Daikin, Panasonic, and Fujitsu, Abode can provide a large range of options from single split heat pump/air conditioners to more sophisticated options such as ducted, multi head systems, heat recovery systems, hot water heat pumps and water chillers. We also provide a service and maintenance programme to ensure operational standards.

We have a strong team of qualified experts to advise on design features and liaise directly with consultant engineers, builders, and architects to ensure quality & design.

No job is to small for our dedicated team to advise on.

I.Q.P Registered - Comprehensive Independent Report - Giving You Peace of Mind


Daikin was founded in 1969 and are the largest manufacturer of air conditioners in Japan.

Daikin has invested billons of dollars in research and development in the fields of mechanics, electronics and chemistry to produce air conditioning products that are energy efficient, simple to use and reliable, which make Daikin - air conditioning specialists.

Daikin are supporters of the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation of New Zealand.

Daikin systems can be found in countless homes across New Zealand and also in commercial buildings.


Panasonic are one of the largest manufacturers of home appliances in the world.

Panasonic heat pumps are the energy efficient way to heat your home. They have years of experience designing heat pumps for domestic and commercial users.


Fujitsu are heat pump specialists. Heat pumps are becoming the fastest growing winter heating solution.

Fujitsu units are environmentally friendly whether you are looking to heat a small room or a large house or office, Fujitsu has the right solution for you.

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If the problem is a major issue which cannot be fixed straight away, our engineers can provide you with temporary units to maintain the safety and protection of your business or home until full restoration is possible. At Abode we recommend a Preventative maintenance every 12 months this is so as your unit will run at it's most efficient and any issues can be solved before any major problem occur.