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Aircycle Circulation Booster from Aircycle Inflatable Exerciser

By: Aircycle Inflatable Exerciser  07-Nov-2011
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 Pedalling an inflatable AIR CYCLE while watching TV

helps to keep muscles and joints flexible and boosts circulation


The The Aircycle is simple to use, soft on feet and easily carried in a pocket or purse.  It proviprovides gentle exercise without weight-bearing or strenuous activity.  Anyone can use it from from the comfort of their chair while sitting doing other things - reading, having coffee, chatttalking on the phone or watching TV.

Alth Originally designed to help people with arthritis, the Aircycle has proved helpful for afor a variety of circulatory foot, leg and hand problems.  It is helpful for relieving jointjoint and muscle pain, swollen feet and ankles, cramps and restless legs; for   foot-diabetes footcare and ulcers; for anyone sitting for long periods such as computer operand office workers, convalescent patients, long-distance travellers; after a strostroke, for Parkinson’s or M.S.  It aids circulation, helps to strengthen leg muscles and keep joints flexible to improve mobility. The Aircycle can also be used on the lap or on a desk top to exercise fingers, wrists and shoulders and warm your hands (for arthrarthritic fingers, OOS and carpal tunnel).

The The Aircycle is registered with Medsafe (the database for medical devices) and some hosphospitals, rest-homes, diabetes clinics, podiatrists and physiotherapists are now using and ror recommending it.

A hoA hospital podiatrist says: “The Aircycle serves as a reminder for people to exercise whilewhile sitting.  For people with arthritis, it helps to keep the foot and ankle joints moving. and The potential for increased blood flow is great for people with diabetes. The Aircycle exerexercises are similar to those currently recommended by airlines to help reduce the likelilipossibility of swelling of the feet and legs and D.V.T. which can occur in people who sit for long periods of time.”

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Aircycle Inflatable Exerciser

The simple Aircycle exercises (for both hands and legs) help to boost circulation and provide gentle exercise while sitting. It means that people who cannot have strenuous or weight bearing exercise still have a way to keep the blood circulating and use their muscles to help strengthen them and keep joints flexible. It enables many people to remain mobile and independent.