How to Make Your Marble Floors Last Longer

How to Make Your Marble Floors Last Longer from Natural Stone Restoration Ltd

By: Natural Stone Restoration Ltd  30-Aug-2011
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How to Make Your Marble Floors Last Longer Regular maintenance of your Marble floors will help to preserve the lustre and beauty. Marble floors can give your home an elegant and luxurious look. They also add a hint of class and sophistication. But marble floors, though they are aesthetically gifted, can be quite demanding when it comes to maintenance. They can be easily stained and they also have the tendency to be scratched and even be cracked if poor maintenance is applied. So for you to have your marble floors last longer, you really have to take good care of it. Taking Care of It Daily: One of the best ways to let your marble floors keep its lustre for a long time is to take care of it daily. This does not mean that you have to make enormous efforts everyday to take care of your floors. All you have to do is sweep or vacuum away dirt on them. Do not let the dirt accumulate on your floors. Another thing that you can do on a daily basis is to watch out for water on the floors. If you see any, it should be wiped dry immediately. Leaving it on the marble will leave a stain on it. The same should be done with any kind of liquid drips especially acidic ones such as juices. Regular Schedule for Major Cleaning: Make it a habit to do major maintenance on your marble floors at least every once a month. You can do this yourself or you can hire professionals to do it for you. The latter is much better though since you do not have to worry about anything except for the bill of course. But if you think that you do not have the budget to hire professionals, you can always do it yourself. You will need several things when doing this major maintenance. You will need a vacuum, a mop, soft dry cloth, and cleaning solution. It is very important that the cleaning solution you have has a neutral pH. Acidic cleaning solutions will wear out your marble floor. Using detergent is also not an option. First, you should remove all the dirt on the floor with the use of the vacuum and soft bristle brush head. After that is done, you can spread the cleaning solution with the use of the mop. Wipe the floor dry using the soft cloth to finish. Restoring Marble Floors: There are just some things that you are not in control of. There may come a time, for reasons known or unknown, that your marble floor will get damaged (cracked, scratched or stained). If this happens, there is only one solution that you can do -- fix it. Unless you are an expert in fixing marble floors, you will need professional help with this one. Along with fixing the damaged part, you can also have the other parts restored. This will bring back the old lustre of your marble floors as well as giving it better protection from the wear and tear of everyday conditions.

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