By: Spik'n'span  06-Dec-2011
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Spik'n'Span Toilets strives to offer you the best service available and will adapt the toilets to fit in with almost any event - going to the extreme of having a trailer modified on one occasion so it could be lifted into place with two cranes!  Whether it be playing music that is suited to your event or positioning the toilets at 3am to fit in with your event – we can do it!

Depending on the structure of your event we can plumb the trailers into the sewer or remove the waste as is required, for a single day event the trailers are normally self contained keeping things simple and easy.

We are able to supply generators if supplying power to the toilets is a problem and for most events our trailers come with an attendant to keep the toilets Spik'n'Span throughout an event.  

Whenever Spik'n'SpanToilets are hired on a job you can be sure that we back up our product with a quality service.  We are committed to making sure our customers are happy and that our role in an event is easy and stress free for the organisers and a welcome relief for the crowd. 

We have expanded our business each year so that we are now able to offer quality toilets to smaller events such as weddings and private parties as well as increasing our capacity for our larger events.  We can supply toilets for a gathering of 50 to a crowd of 10,000+ 

We have supplied toilets as far north as Cape Reinga and they have travelled as far south as Queenstown.  We supply ex Wellington and Hamilton. 

We have also branched out our services to include water and waste solutions which can mean supplying water and sinks for hand washing to carting away grey water from caterers.  If you are organising an event where water or waste is an issue feel free to contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.  



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….or whatever event you are planning!

Keywords: Self Contained, Toilets, Trailers, Waste, Waste Solutions, Water and Waste