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By: Enhance Technology  06-Dec-2011
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New Home Planning

Planning is the key to building a new home. We like to take on board your ideas for your new home and expand them, then give you fail-safe options for the technology in your home that are more impressive technology than you had ever imagined. We’ll show you the options available from light switch styles to the latest data projectors for your home theatre.

By letting Enhance in on the new home planning once the building design is complete by your architect or designer, we will ensure that your home is future proofed for technology, while at the same time meeting your current needs. For instance, technology is changing rapidly and it’s important that the cabling for your home is there ready to go when you implement any future project additions.

We make the home technology design process as easy and painless for you as we can, but with the sustainability for the future, as often homes have no scope for additional wiring once the wall linings are up for the rest of it’s life!


By letting Enhance technology install your new home wiring systems, you can have the rest assurance that you’re home has been installed to exceed the wiring standards, with quality so you have the peace in mind that anything happens in the future your cabling system will be able to cope

We will arrange any sub-contractors necessary for the technical aspects of the installation. This ensures that the project goes smoothly, and the standard of workmanship and product quality is at the highest level possible.
When the installation is finished we will show you how to work the system, as well as provide relevant documentation and on-going support. 

When should you call us?

Calling us in the planning stage of the project is the best time. This will give you more options, and together we will find the best solution for your project.

Next Steps

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Keywords: Building Design, Home Wiring, Planning Stage

Other products and services from Enhance Technology



We install technology and cabling infrastructure for your home which will meet your current and future needs - this includes computer and telephony cabling as well as television cabling and set up. Enhance Technology is a custom install company for home audio visual, audio, and lighting equipment. We are constantly upgrading our qualifications to keep up with the emerging technology.


Enhance Technology, Technology in the home planning

We can plan the technology for the home, sort out all the technical aspects of your project, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. Enhance Technology caters for projects in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Lower Hutt, Upper Hutt, Porirua, Kapiti, and Wairarapa regions. Just like you, we don’t like seeing exposed wires, and we can de-clutter rooms to create the desired atmosphere.


Enhance Technology, Retrofitting modern technology into existing homes

Some systems may not be compatible with older buildings, so we suggest you call us at the planning stage of your project to give you ideas about your structured cabling when carrying out your home wiring so you can gain the best advantage when completing your home wiring.


Home Cinema, Enhance Technology, Wellington

If you absolutely love your movies, and are dedicating an entire room to watching them, then the “Dedicated Home Cinema” section contains products especially for you. Enhance technology takes great pride in creating taylor made home theatre systems, that provide endless hours of enjoyment.


Enhance Technology, Supply and installation of dedicated Home Theatre equipment

Different aspects of the home theatre need to be considered, including acoustic treatment to increase the sound dampening, and avoid sound reflection in the wrong space, and having dedicated home theatre equipment that is more articulate in it’s sound re-production.


Multi-use Home Cinema System

Take your multi use home cinema to the next level by increasing your screen resolution from watching DVD in your home theatre to having a Blue ray home theatre in full high definition with 1080p resolution, and get the full digital home theatre experience. Multi use home theatres make the best of both worlds of having a home cinema and also yet having a Living room, Lounge, Den, Man cave, or other room all in one.