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September 1st 2009

(copy of what I sent out lately on Sep 1)

Newsletter #1 from Julian at

Welcome All!

Its about time I gave my readers some information on developments of the site since we went live Late December 2007 - I have never done a external Newsletter although I do have a News page on the site where some of you may have read.

I now look back and I should have set up a regular extenal newsletter from day 1 but hey so much to little time:)

I hope this would be a start of a number of regular issues that come out Quartely which I hope you all enjoy as there is something for everybody on it and a chance to win a sub etc. In time I hope offer other things.

At this stage its a bit primative ..hey you got to start somewhere!

(I since had an approach to put the next one of html and images for free.which I will be looking into)
This Newsletter is divided into several headings listed below and its a big longer than I intended.:)


Books Recommended vs Books Disappointed with
In the NZ News Media at present
Interesting tit bits from documenting the past
New Cars of Interest

New Magazine Launch
New Magazine Websites and additional developments 

News -Whats New on MY Site?
QUiz 1- Theme : mainly Motorsport -A chance to win a sub!
Quotes from the Past -some really had lack of vision

Searches -Most Popular topic or magazine etc
Stats on the Site are on the up

Where are they now?
Writer to look out for

Books Recommended
A-Z of Formula Racing Cars by David Hodges Published by Bay View Books Copyright 1990 (I found this book in our Lccal Upper Hutt Library in Wellington Region of New Zealand) and great reference material to finding histories of some of the more unusual racing cars

The World Encyclopedia of Trucks by Peter J Davies, Published by Peter J Davies Copyright 2004 Addition  where many photos of truck makers A-Z are sourced from New Zealand!

Books disappointed with

Donn Anderson -"Mini Down Under' -50 Years of Mini in New Zealand
I was looking forward to reading this book (as it been reviewed by a number of car magazines and I have been documenting Donn's work since NZ Motorman days)  I was looking forward to a good read with particular discussion on some of of the unique Minis and the specials made here - I stand somewhat disappointed . The McLaren Mini story was interesting as I have not seen any information on Bruce McLaren's old Minis and some early background  of mini development but 1 page  mention  on the NZ built Mini Specials is pathetic!! - Donny you can do better then this!

In the News at present

At present there has been a huge level of protest about Western Samoa changing over their roading to those of Right Hand Drive Markets like the UK, Australia & New Zealand. As they share a border with  American Samoa they have been following the US system. This is about to change to the system used here in New Zealand and it is causing a lot of stress and confusion.

One of arguements is that its going to be easier to import cars from Japan.a Right Hand Drive Market .but there must be other reasons - it sounds nuts to me .What do you think?

How did Left Hand Drive Cars come about?

There are a number of theories and reader of the magazine:

From the Magazines

The Automobile (GB) 1987 April  page 46 volume 5 Issue 2

in section Commercially Speaking; the columist recieved an interesting letter from Godfrey Hobson In South Africa  whom asked a question about  why were Europeans using LHD but some luxury models still used RHD example Bugatti, Delage or Talbot-Lago; But even in the US during WW2 a reader went  to New York to see some trucks that were Right Hand Drive ;

 Is there a deeper reason that implying on the right implied you has a chauffeur ; or can the answer be  traced,that the orgins began with Mary Tudor in 1555 whom introduced the left hand ride law  or by 1907 The Continental Touring Guide spoke of only Bohemia driving on the British side.

A recent writer in Non Automotive Magazine which sometimes includes a useful history of a Vintage car in New Zealand is 'New Zealand Memories' produced by National LIbrary of NZ

History On why LHD vs RHD around the world - that orgin goes back to Roman times

See:   New Zealand Memories  2008-2009 DEC-JAN  page 23  Issue 75    NZ Left or Right orgins - From Ivan Taylor a man with all the anwers - origin goes back to Roman times (Written book relating to early Transport in NZ called A History of Coaching and Horsedrawn transport in South Island of NZ BY Ivan D Taylor ; 250 Rangiora Woodend Road; RD1 Kaopoi North Canterbury     

Further reading can be gained with regard to USA change over

see Autocar (GB) 1963 JUL 12th pages 56-57  

As for the confusion of a country changing over It may surprise you that Sweden despite been surrounded by rest of Europe had up to 1967 driven on the left!

And in 1967 Autocar Staff decided to road test a new Rover P5 3.5 V8 sedan 1967 Automatic (reg RXC 436 E) in Sweden on the day of the change of road rules! which was published on   28th SEP 1967 Autocar Volume 127 Issue #3737 Pages 17-21 - a Retrospect Write up was published in January 1987 Throughbred & Classic Cars Page 49 Volume 14 Issue 4 by Stuart Bladon who was there with photographer Peter Cramer in section called 'Went the day badly' looking at test diasters -The Reason they were in Sweden was they had gone over to cover the Sep 3rd 1967 event when Sweden witness change over from Left to Right side road - resulting Kaos of confused drivers and themselves having to drive the Rover 'French Connection style' through the city streets of Sweden! 

Interesting tit bits from from documenting the past

In July 1989 a  1962 TROJAN Trike 200 Bubble car was taken over Europe by a reader and his wife Marianne  accompanied by a rather large overweight over stuffed teddy bear named Eric set out  on 2500 mile camping holiday to the South of France ; Italy; Germany etc See
Practical Classics (GB) 1989 NOV page 38 Vol 10 Issue 7
by Peter & Marianne Green (plus Eric the teddy bear); Witney ; Oxon

Leader Trucks Australia Pty LTD; Sydney;NSW in business 1976-1983. This was a Australian Manufactured product that used parts of other trucks  and I thought only about 2-3 were sent over here however according to Service Side of the NZ Motor Industry  1975 OCT page 160 Volume 25 Issue 10;202

total number of A6 Single steer and A8 model  Dual steer Leader Trucks on New Zealand roads came to 18 as of 1975 ; transporting all kinds of bulk commodities from livestock to frozen meat; The New Zealand agents ; Hi-Way Vehicles are planning to build more New Zealand parts for the trucks which are at present assembled on a CKD package basis ; possible on the region of 20% more ; They may also be making the glass fibre cabs in New Zealand before the end of the year - QUOTE (Pity no photos I documented this in Aug 25 2009 and I had no idea that so many were in the country prior to offical date of 1976 been the start year and that part of truck was CKD in New zealand - another bit of info that Webbo in his rushed book on NZ Assembly Industry has not mentioned)

Unusual Rare Vehicle turned up for sale in the UK in 1982 in Classifieds on Practical Classics but it had no photo
Ford Cortina Mk2 1600E Estate ! (none of Ford books have mentioned this before)
See Practical Classics (GB) 1982 MAR page 82 vol 3 Issue 1  the then current owner wants sell to swap is very very rare wagon disc in good all round condition for a Mk3 ot 4 zodiac 

New Cars of Interest in New Zealand

Great Wall of China

- According to August issue NZAutocar the first deliveries of light commercials begin -Are they that Bad? or has writers internal bias effected their judgement as I believe China vehicles will be a dorminant force to be reckoned with

Holden Cruz

- Could it be the savior of GM in the small car trade down under under or is it just a repackaged Holden Viva?

Tata Namo

- Lot of hype on this car .I can say I am not that impressed on what looks like something from the pen from Cartoonist and Regular columist on Road & Track Magazine 1957 -80s Stan Mott with his Cylops car ..they look similar and it does not look that safe I guess I would feel confident with bit more steel around me in a crash situation -What do readers think?

New Magazine Launch 
Historic Racing Drivers Magazine

which was launched March 2009 on Viaduct in Auckland and Issue 1 came out March - while July issue 2 is a cracker


Contact details are:

Published by Jack Quinn

Subs : $40.00 NZD for 4 issues a year

New Magazine Websites and additional developments Hemmings

has new web site of its magazine offerings - and have digitalised many of its issues since 1970 - I being pretty impressed although there is the odd error but material usually a summary of those articles rather then the actual articles themselves - I prefer paper myself!

They have scanned and indexed Special Interest Autos (1970-2002) has been indexed, and is very slowlybeing scanned article by article; find the index at


NZ Classic Car

continues to expand its offerings and become the dorminant Car Magazine portal down under - currently its focus is targeting clubs by giving them access with individual pages not a totally new idea, as others have offered a similar service but their site is miles more advanced -Check them out!

The Automobile -UK

(The Priemer Vintage Magazine I review around 9 issues in every 12 has finally now has its own web site


in past in operated with sister site whose webmaster is an ex Kiwi! based in Holland.

News -Whats New on the Site?

A few months ago

I added a Question and Answer Column

noted under the tab on my site where I have highlighted a number of answered questions posed by you the readers - I originally had this tab occupied by where I recieved free some writing from respected journalist Sam Domett who used to work for now deceased 'Automag' trader magazine - this seemed most popular with Hyundai enthusists world wide as I found it on a number of sites! - I may run this again in future if there is a demand for it.

Under Q & A Column

there are a number of Hidden Pages 

where I can add pages for public access or not at present  I am working on number of set pages for Aston Martin Owners Club UK , Bimmers Forum ; A Racing Car page and others in return to shared link to gain traffic where those clubs have their own page of references I have discovered in my research - Would readers like me to add others??

A Buy Now Button has been installed on Parkside Media Publications

(whom publish and I review NZ Classic Car,NZV8 , NZ Performance Car although lately they have been a bit slack on sending me copies?) - I know most of you appear to look at my site in terms whats in a particular magazine before you buy it in a physical shop - however for those of you who are more internet savy and confident about buying over the net you can press a Buy Now button on review of say NZ Classic Car e.g link

and by pressing The 'buy now' button it will take you to the secure site of NZ Classic Car from which you can purchase - Currently after 2 years of negioation with one Directors of magazine (I done a lot of running around for this guy - how many more Hoops to I have to run through Darren? until you understand That I am only site that actively promotes Automotive magazines to a worldwide audience!) I have secured 3-4 month trail to see how this would go but I am not making anthing out of it - So Guys try it!!

Quiz - Theme : mainly Motorsport

1 Winner Recieves
Note: Only 1 sub to the New Historic Racing Drivers Magazine is available to winner of all 10 or close to 10
if there is more then one - I draw one out of a hat!

Quiz -10  Tricky and not so tricky Car questions a Chance to win a Prize!
1/What was the name for the Racing Club for the wifes of the Racing Drivers formed around 1967 according to the Kiwi columnist Eion Young 'Straight from the Grid'
2/What was name of Kiwi Race car Driver who tested for Ferrari  (clue he worked later for Toyota) 
3/What Ferrari roadcar manufactured in late 1960s to early 70s was never sold offically as  a Ferrari?

4/ What was name of small 'Ferrari' company that produced 1032cc coupe GT and Roadster in the 1960s
5/What car tested by Autocar in the 1960s has been largely blamed for the British Government setting a maximum speed limit of 70mph
5/What car first shown to the public as a prototype in 1960 had a body by Bertone but built in Fibreglass and used a Chrysler V8 engine of which 2 were exported new to New Zealand
6/Name the two cars featured in TV Series 'The Persquaders' starring Roger Moore & Tony Curtis (note one is not what it appears to be)
7/What car was purported to be destoyed (thank god not the real thing) at front end of 2 bulldozers in the first film "The Italian Job" issue 1969

8/What was one of race cars used for Camera Work in the Film Le Mans starring Steve McQueen?

9/The Britsh Sports car firm that has had a history of collasping and returing to production called MARCOS is named after 2 founders whom are they ? Surnames will do

10/Name the 3 different cars used in opening credits of 60s to which Smart drives in the US TV series 'Get Smart'starring Don Adams (note one is not what it appears to be) 

Quotes from the Past that have a bearing on the present

A interesting Letter to the Editor in       

Autocar (GB) 1992 APR 1st page 23 volume 192 issue 4961;1

Predicition for the future

Ford Chairman Ian McAllister called by a reader as having his head in the Sand "Kiwi ;GW Barlow (Journalist for former NZCar?) comments to Ian MCAllister lack of vision in follow up open to Question on 11 March 1992 AC on How much impact Japanese  will have on the European market (they were not considered a threat) -   Barlow says in 9 short words  this man of the 60s has accurately encapsulated the arrogant complacency that will lead to the collaspe of the European car industry over the next 20 years"  and he drove an Escort Cabriolet for a thrill -need I say more -quote


  • I do have a OFF-LINE (ie not connected to the web and on 350 large Excel Spreadsheets which I add to everyday) this massive database is a very detailed index of most of worlds magazines from publication date 1947-2005  and I can tell you which Library (NZ only at this stage -Overseas are not that co-operative) or Magazine Publisher can get you a back issue - This reference Service is FREE!!! (Its taken me 35 years to do it often sitting in Libraries themselves)

  • Please I do NOT scan publications because of Copyright issues and besides I don't have a Scanner! Example  
    Story last Year a NZ Dom Post Journalist wanted me to scan a recent issue of NZ Truck and Driver pronto!! so he could profile one of businesses mentioned in it! Get Real..

  • When will the Off -line Database be online?  Why is it not there $$$$ I do not have!- If a Benafactor has a spare $20,000+ thats what I been quoted to do it professionally and well!

  • I do have a Blogg on Blogger - and I admit its pretty basic and when i have time i add to it -(I have not added for 2 months)
    Link :  Current Project is providing references from magazines A-Z on unusual Makers - this will take me years I still on the As!!)

  • I am NOT connected to any Publication!!  - I am independent - Quite a few readers get the inpression I work for NZ Classic Car and they own me Thats ..never going to happen

For Example NZ Driver (whose contact details have changed recently they have no offical web site still.!!)

see :

note the changes in contact details they have shifted and phone numbers

Most Popular Magazine Searches
NZ Autocar
Historic Racing Drivers Magazine
Most Popular Cars Searched
Aston Martin DB2 Tickford (obviously individual pages on Aston Martins is the way to go!)

Holden Cruze

Hyundai Tuson & Mitsubishi outlander (4WD and SUV is a growing market)
Most unusual Searches

"I want to buy Tyres?"

and  "Hi I saw a Reference to John ^%$# racing a car I used to go out with him - Do you know where he lives and his contact details? (you have to be kidding me!)
Speedshow 09

Yep you noticed big advertisment  Where is it? at ASB Showgrounds, Greenlane ; Auckland on 19-20th September 2009 run by Keith Sharp

Latest information is that they got one of later Batmobile Cars!


Stats on the Site 
How many of you are visiting the site?

Currently its around 138 different people a day and site increasing traffic 10-15 percent a month but there is so much untapped where people do not know I exsist.

Broadly 70% of my traffic is from NZ with the remaining 30% are the US and Europe - I seem to be very popular in Latin American countries
Recent trend is More Australians!

Where are they now?

According to Dec 1975 issue of Service Side of New Zealand Motor Industry Volume 25 Issue 12,294 page 191 - photo caption of first Woman member of NZ Motor Industry Institute  she was then Mrs Helen Anderson an apprentice mechanic from Karamea

Writer to look out for Jem Thompson

- only 18 at NZ Driver magazine


For those whom have sent me magazines - Last year I got 9 boxes of the Automobile , Classic & Sportscar etc in all from Ron Tilly of Rolls Royce Bentley Club to which i am indexing at present

Recently Kevin from Paraparaumu gave me a box early 90s Autocar & Car UK
Recently from Westcotts c/o of their father interesting copies of Motor Industry Institute of NZ 1975-1977 issues of Sideline magazine (which found most interesting regarding Background of NZ Assembled cars and some bloody useful and still not too dated DIY car engine tests) These are impressive magazines!! Keen to see more of those.

Weltec last year gave me its 1996-2005 collection Practical Classics (indexing at present), Motor Trend , Road & Track (both indexing) Classic Motorcycling and two wheels and Classic Bike (hope to start soon!)

However I am gratful for people sending these issues but storage is getting to be bit of problem - I would recommend before they hit the recycler that you donate to NZ vintage Car club in your area at first call. Their number is in the telephone book of the white pages.

And I would however  not say no to a Donation of $$ -
If you have Enjoyed this site a donation (small is fine) is most welcome which would contribute to keeping this site running and for me to continue to document older material at National Library and other collections so everyone benefts (I believe I am only one in world who has done it in depth!)

Make cheques payable to Carmagreviews NZ

posting a cheque of any amount to:
Julian Walls
Carmagreviews New Zealand
46 Clyma Street
Postal Area Code 5018
Upper Hutt
Wellington Region
New Zealand 

PS : If there is typos I apologise as there is no Spell checker on notepad - besides I am Dyslexic and do not have a proof reading team, besides many magazines that do, still get it wrong! :) The Automobile UK take note (you guys are slipping lately.)

PSS - any sugustions of constructive nature - most welcome!

PSS - Spread the word to family, friends and workmates..AS I am only site in entire world that does what I do!

The information in this article was current at 27 Mar 2012

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Car Mag Reviews - Book Reviews

On many occassions while reading it, I have laughed out loud at some of the stories of Land Rover ownership by Duncan particularly occassions where he about to drive a vehicle into a river or other obstacle deciding to tackle it and finding himself in 'bother'. Over the years of documenting magazines & In the course of the my own research work I also document where the reviews are in the magazines themselves.


Car Mag Reviews - Newsletter

2/ And those Highlights I have uncovered and documented in my larger off Line reseach of magazines published from 1947-2005 current project is filling in gaps of my resrach early issues of Throughbred & Classic Cars; Classic & Sportscar 1980s Practical Classics and slow but precise reseach of The Automobile.