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Over the years of documenting magazines & In the course of the my own research work I also document where the reviews are in the magazines themselves. Consquently I have huge database of whether a book was produced on a particular subject.

Now days most automotive magazines are advertorial based in their writing, the standard of journalism has dropped and this has reflected in many of the book reviews. Often the book reviewe is by seller or Sellers agent therefor there some of form of bias. Sometimes the reviews are frankly are very poor and show clearly that the reviewer has not actually read the book in question!!

Recently prior to Xmas I borrowed a copy of the book Below from the author - I admit I am not a quick reader but I take my time- Below is my impressions:

Racing Jaguar in New Zealand by Brian Watson

Published via Print Link (Brian and wife self published it themselves)

Source -for the Above Image


This is a most comprehensive specialist automotive book I have ever read of specialist area in my life! In the course of my research believe me I read a lot of Automotive books!  

This book reflects 20 years plus time the author has spent in documenting in depth by guy who worked on Jaguars stock and racing (he is fully trained Jaguar Mechanic) A guy whose a salt of the earth personality not some bullshit Cambridge/Oxford type  but one who has saved up through shear sweat and toil to buy a Jaguar and maintained it himself

Its on early Jaguars  in New Zealand for those interested in the Jaguar XK range ie 120, 140-150 it also includes C type , D Type and Number of local Specials.

Very Relevant as many of these same Jaguars now have overseas owners who are wanting to know its previous history!

Almost every Jaguar XK that was sold or raced in New Zealand new (and few bought ex Britain via Tourist delivery) is fully documented  down to chassis number, engine number whether its had transplant engine which of cause  lists the new engine number, Almost every owner and which owners or of their friends raced it  , what the conditions were like on each race, was it hot ; cold, wet etc  with interview excepts from very people who owned the cars in the past or present the vehicles in question, down to their feeling on the day they racedi.e "I was in a pool of sweat" qv

Each car that competed also  has their full results in terms of placing and times.

Some notable Jaguar Owners and Racers are covered the Amazing Sybil Lupp; Bob Gibbons; Ray Archibald ; Ron Roycraft ; Bruce Hay etc  

I myself was particularly interested in Family Friend Dr Bruce Cooks exploits with ownership of his 3 Jaguars XK120s he has owned 1 which he still has today in Renwick and I have had the pleasure of sitting in the passager seat with his Son Andy (my best mate) as his father Bruce rocketed the car up Brooklyn Hill Wellington a suburb they used to live before he and his and his wife Bev retired to Renwick!

Where can I find this fantastic book? 

New -Note Change of contact address)

Available from

First Edition Publishing

Telephone 04 586 1973


  (would advise ring in first instance as it appears they have not added this book to the website!!)

Cost $106.00 +Gst (and bloody well worth it too) =$120.00 NZ

For Freight Add $10.00 NZ for Courier Freight within NZ

If Overseas go to Website and inquire about Overseas Rates

Recommended by me 5 stars *****


Draft - (Work in Progress  still working on it as of March 11-the review)


A Farmers Affair -The Legend of the Land Rover by Duncan Munro

Limited Edition to 1000 Copies 2011 (this is one of them)

I would first like to state how much I have really enjoyed reading this. On many occassions while reading it, I have laughed out loud at some of the stories of Land Rover ownership by Duncan particularly  occassions where he about to drive a vehicle into a river or other obstacle deciding to tackle it and finding himself in 'bother'.  I often call these 'God must be crazy moments' *  Then Duncan wearing his now qualified 'Land Rover Trainer hat' would give a safety antitote of what he should have done!

The Book first has introduction

There is introduction that Duncan a Farmer age 62 from a farming family of many generations whom nolonger actively farms but runs mainly a 1:1 Training School for those who want to get their best of their Land Rover in how to drive it off road.

Then the Book is divided in several sections - broadly speaking :


A Coverage by generation and model of Land Rover from earliest Series 1 to The Defender 60th Anniversary SVX  and discussion of both history from personal point of view of ownership or driving -each model is accompanies by Technical information supplied by Land Rover NZ and overseas - Often His Farm in recent years has been used by NZ4WD magazine to conduct some of their Land Rover Tests!

A brief Section on a Tour he took the family 6 and half  weeks some years ago around the South Island, with a day by day diary of the trip itself and sights they saw driving his trusty Land Rover 110 County Station Wagon.

A Brief section of setting up and running The Kawakawa Bay Slip Four Wheel Drive (Shuttle) Service -he took it on his 'own bat' to provide a transport service for the local community when the local roads were washed out by a slip

A section on 4wD training - with experience gained by Doug as driver , owner and later as 4WD instructor with his business

A Section on 4wd recovery of how to do things ; calculating loads with full calculations

To Sum up

Definetly if you are looking for a practical 4wd book and you are a Land Rover fan who wants to use his Four wheel drive Land Rover for off road as well as on road and do some touring - YOU should not miss OUT buying this Book! -

A MUST READ! -Recommeded ***** 5 stars from me

ISBN: 978-0-473-17894-9

Where do I get this fantastic book?

Source for the image:

Duncan Monro


Cost $50.00

* The Gods must be Crazy was a cult film of the 1970s produced by  a South African Film Company relating to a bubbling British Zoologlist who is out to Study Elephant dung! his relationship between his Land Rover and how he deals with the local natives - Often he put his Land Rover in many precarious positions like winching it by mistake up a tree!

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