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By: Aquatite Enterprises  06-Dec-2011
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What is a Wetwall Caddy?

The Wetwall Caddy is a moulded ABS plastic device, that encompasses water control valves, and protects the wall cavity from any potential leaks that may occur from either leaky shower mixers or taps or water egression. It consists of a cup that is fitted behind the wall substrate and a flange that fits over the front of the cup finishing behind or in front of the wall lining.

How does it work?

The water control valve (or outlet) sits inside the Wetwall Caddy and any potential leaks are trapped and discharged through the front of the flange and down the wall lining, preventing any water from leaking down into the wall cavity and causing substantial damage.

Ease of installation and maintenance

The Wetwall Caddy has been designed not to interfere with the normal procedure that occurs when fitting water control devices to showers and baths; in fact it will regulate the methods used. Now you are able to get to the water control device if there is a problem, because the wall substrate has been cut to fit the cup portion of the Caddy, so servicing the unit is as simple as removing the cover plate from the mixer. Access to the mixer is granted via the aperture that has been cut out of the flange, making it so easy to service the unit.

Why protect the wall cavity?

Water that has leaked from shower mixers and taps can cause considerable damage to the timber framing and wall linings, not only can it weaken the structure it can cause a mould to grow that has been linked to skin and respiratory diseases. With an unprotected setup, the home owner or occupier is not aware of any leaks until the damage has already been done. With a Wetwall Caddy in place, any potential leaks are identified by the evidence of water running down the front of the wall lining, alerting the home owner to the situation and saving great expense. Our research indicates that the average repair to a damaged shower unit is between $3500 and $5000. The Wetwall Caddy is permanent, low-cost insurance, providing security and peace of mind to the home owner, builder, plumber and tiler.

Designed to suit most shower models

Our goal is to be able to supply a range of products to satisfy every manufacturer's make and model of water control valve.

Meets and exceeds NZBC regulations

The Wetwall Caddy meets and exceeds the following clauses from the NZBC:


The Wetwall Caddy is warranted for a period of 50 years from the date of purchase.


Installation of the Wetwall Caddy is simple and instructions are supplied in every pack. These instructions are available to be viewed/downloaed below:
• Install Wetwall Caddy for
• Install Wetwall Caddy for

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Keywords: Abs Plastic

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