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By: 4 Seasons Air  06-Dec-2011
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Four Seasons Air Conditioning Ltd offer a full range of Mitsubishi & Panasonic heat pump / air conditioning models and the Mitsubishi Lossnay Home Ventilation System.  We Advise, Design and Install.  We also offer a regular after sales service and maintenance for both residential and commercial clients.  We can guarantee a competitvely priced, professional installation by an accredited air conditioning technician.  

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why Install a heat pump?

Convenience:  Heat pumps are very easy to use and provide a controlled heating experience that can be customised by the use of the thermostat to turn off and on at programmed times of the day.  "Set and forget" technology means not having to worry about whether your house will be warm when you wake up in the morning and when you come home from work.

Efficiency:  Heat pumps are an efficient heating option for your home.  As a general rule, every $1 of electricity used will produce $3 worth of heat.

Dehumidifying and air filtering:  As well as the dehumidifying function, both Mitsubishi and Panasonic heat pumps include an air filtering system which helps keep the air in your home cleaner and healthier. 

Cooling:  Heat pumps are the only type of heating appliance that can both cool and heat your home, providing year round functionality.   

What does a Lossnay Home Ventilation System do?

Lossnay is designed to do two things primarily:

  • Ventilate your home by introducing fresh filtered air and expelling stale air to comply with the G4 ventilation code.  This will freshen the home environment by increasing oxygen levels, and expelling potential irritants.

  • Recycle energy utilising the Lossnay ERV core.  The patented semi permeable Lossnay core recovers both sensible and latent heat thus pre-heating or pre-cooling the incoming air reducing the heating or cooling energy usage of the dwelling. 


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Keywords: Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Heating