SDL Online Program 101: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection

SDL Online Program 101: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection from SDL Behavioural Sciene Consultancy

By: SDL Behavioural Sciene Consultancy  21-Jun-2012
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How many times have you wished you knew what was going on with someone? A partner, child, work colleague? What difference could it make in your life if you were skilled in reading peoples real thoughts and emotions? Find out with SDL's Online Program 101: Micro Expressions, Body Language & Deception Detection.

It is my commitment that anyone enrolling is provided with a massive amount of learning over this 8 module program, which will take you through the modules listed below, including how to detect lies, how to read body language, and how to read micro expressions. Be warned! There is homework each module! This is necessary to cement your learning and put your new skills instantly to work. Participants are required to complete homework to a satisfactory level. Read what others are saying about the program here .

SDL Program Guarantee
Upon successful completion of the SDL Online Program 101 and passing the 101 Final Test, we guarantee that your ability to spot micro expressions, interpret body language and detect deception through video analysis will have improved to a minimum of 80% accuracy. Included as part of this program is access to specialised Micro Expressions Online Training (valued at $69 USD); it is expected that you will practice until you become (at minimum) "proficient", and part of passing this SDL program includes emailing your micro expressions certificate as proof that you have a minimum competency in reading micro expressions. You do this by e-mailing your certificate as proof of your expertise with micro expressions. This, along with completing all the homework assignments, and passing the final test (included in Module 8), you will receive an SDL Certificate of completion.

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Time Investment:
For the most part, the assignments shouldn't take any longer than 2 hours / module. Some participants do it much quicker, for others it takes a little longer. The first modules are easier however, and it builds up using information learnt from the previous modules.Time-frame to Complete Originally designed as an 8 week program, we found this strict time-frame impractical for more people. With this in mind, it has been updated to modules rather than weeks. To ensure participants receive the best possible results, it is expected participants will finish the program from sign up to completion within 6 months of their receiving Module 1 in their inbox. Special circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

"Don't wait. The time will never be just right." - Napoleon Hill

Micro Expressions & Body Language 101 Overview
Module 1: Facial Expressions (including access to specialised Micro Expressions Online Training)
Module 2: Gestures & Body Language (1) Common Gestures (Hands and Arms)
Module 3: Gestures & Body Language (2) Common Gestures (Legs and Smiles)
Module 4: Gestures & Body Language (3) Emblems, Illustrators & Manipulators
Module 5: Deception Detection 101 (1)
Module 6: Deception Detection 101 (2)
Module 7: Deception Detection 101 (3) Voice, Verbal Style, Verbal Statements
Module 8: Putting It All Together

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