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Commercial Plumbing - Industrial - Mechanical - Mining - Utilities

Our products find a broad range of applications in the Commercial Plumbing, Industrial, Mechanical, Mining and Utilities markets. The utilities of water and gas distribution are important sectors for high integrity products where the maintenance of water quality and the safe transport of gaseous fuels are of paramount importance. Industrial applications include: compressed air, chilled water, glycols, hot water and other fluid/gas installations in the dairy, food, beverage and wine industries; and water reticulation systems in plastics manufacturing. Our Stream and Dynatherm piping systems offer a wide range of pipe and fittings options, meaning that we can always provide the best solution for our customers for commercial plumbing and mechanical installations.

Our streampe100 pressure range offers a complete piping system manufactured from PE100 (polyethylene), for mechanical services and industrial piping installations. The streampe100 range is particularly suited to chilled water and glycol applications, being crack resistant down to -30°C and is the ideal system for large diameter plant room installations. streampe100offers all the benefits that come with using polyethylene.

The advantages of the streampe100Piping System are:

  • Design Flexibility
  • High Impact Strength
  • UV Resistant
  • Food Grade Material
  • Excellent weldability with more types of fittings available
  • Pipe is manufactured in New Zealand from environmentally friendly 'Green rated' material.
  • Chemical Resistance
  • High Flow Capacity
  • Cost Savings on Labour and Materials
  • Freeze Resistance to -30degC
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Thestreampe100 rangeincludes: PE100 Pipe, Electrofusion Fittings, Long Spigot Fittings, Buttweld Fittings, Socket Fusion Fittings, Fabricated Fittings, Backing Rings, PE Brass transition Fittings, Mechanical Tapping Bands, Compression Fittings, Threaded Fittings, Valves, Gaskets and Bolts.   

OurDynathermrange (by Baenninger in Germany) offers a full range of Standard PP-R, PP-RCT, Faser and Stabi Polypropylene pipe systems. While the Stream NZ pipe system offers savings over Polypropylene systems, Dynatherm is better suited to hot water applications and any installation where expansion/contraction is an issue. Dynatherm is also more cost effective than Stream in the smaller sizes (50mm and down). The new Dynatherm PP-RCT (Polypropylene - Random Copolymer Temperature enhanced) is a higher density polymer than the standard PP-R80 giving you higher efficiency at highest demands.

The advantages of the Dynatherm PP-RCT Pipe System are:

  • Greater stability at higher temperatures
  • Higher flow rates, and lower weight, due to reduced wall thickness
  • Higher temperature rating and longer life.
  • Faser and Stabi pipes are suitable for potable water.
  • More rigid but less brittle
  • Higher pressure load
  • 10 Year Guarantee

Our Maxair rangeis a PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System that out performs other pipes for pressure, flow, corrosion resistance, compatibility with compressor oils and ease of installation and alteration.

The advantages of the Maxair PE100 Compressed Air Pipe System are:

  • Food Grade material - suitable for breathing air.
  • Smooth bore - Higher flow rates, due to less friction.
  • Cleaner and dryer air supply - less condensation build-up than steel systems. 
  • Resistant to compressor oils and a wide range of chemicals.
  • Higher pressure rating - 16bar with a 2:1 safety factor.
  • Simple and fast to install
  • Easy to alter or adapt - under-pressure connection fittings available.
  • Wide range of pipe sizes - 20mm to 250mm
  • 50 Year Guarantee

Ourstreamhdpedrainage system offers a full range of non-pressure HDPE pipe and fittings that meet Green Star requirements, and offer many benefits for commercial and industrial drainage applications.

The features of streamhdpe are:

  • The preferred drainage system for Green Star projects
  • High resistance to chemicals as well as organic and inorganic solvents
  • Temperature resistant -40 to +95deg
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Welded joints - no root infiltration
  • Watermark Approval

UPG are also distributors of the Ultibend stainless steel tube and tube fittings range.

Ultibend are market leaders in the manufacture of hygienic stainless steel tube fittings.

What makes Ultibend fittings different from the rest?

  • Consistent 1.6mm wall thickness
  • Correct dimensions
  • Ends of all bends are cut and finished square and rounded - for the perfect weld!
  • Fittings are quality checked
  • Full fittings traceability
  • Manufactured in New Zealand from high-quality NZ made tube.

Ultibend tube fittings are the result of precise, innovative manufacturing procedures which guarantee an exceptionally high level of product quality and customer satisfaction.

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UPG Pipe Systems provide comprehensive training courses covering Electrofusion, Butt Fusion, and Socket Fusion welding and installation. UPG are able to offer design guidance to ensure optimal performance and to identify possible cost engineering benefits. We are able to call on a vast selection of fabrication techniques to create exactly what you need for the job.