By: Plastic Welding Repairs Ltd  22-Feb-2010
Keywords: Plastic Repair, Automotive Engineer, Paint Protection Film   Triumph Motorcycle Plastic Fairing Repairs
As an Automotive Engineer I can offer a complete service, dismantling & re assembling anything mechanical to access Triumph Motorcycle Plastic Fairings is not a problem. Where a Triumph Motorcycle plastic Fairing has been damaged I always try to make it stronger than before.
Triumph; PPF 3M & other brand  paint Protection Films Applied.
Triumph; Headlight stone & UV protection film.
Triumph; Headlight & Tail light lens repairs.
Triumph  Dirt Bike, Trail bike Plastic repairs too.
My special advice to owners is: DONT try to fix it yourself with GLUE - IT Wont Work and will only cost you more in the long run. Dont attack it with a soldering iron! Ditto!
Do; Save ALL & any broken pieces.
Do; Duct Tape any cracks to prevent them from spreading ASAP.
Do; get it repaired ASAP, it will get worse and end up costing a LOT more if you dont.
For All Triumph Motorcycle Plastic Fairing Repairs;      email Brian   [email protected]
I am only as far away as a courier!

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