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By: Plastic Welding Repairs Ltd  15-Feb-2010
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Hi,  I am a specialist plastic repairer based in Levin and I repair anything & everything but, I especially enjoy sport, road bike semi rigid plastic repairs. See my website or I advise anyone; NEVER attempt to glue or attack ANY plastic with a soldering iron, it will not work, well, maybe, till just after the bike is sold---- All Thermoplastics, as against ThermoSET plastics, are temperature sensitive and have a narrow weld temp range, a non adjustable soldering iron will burn & destroy the weld area. An adjustable soldering iron will only 'MELD', it cannot perform a proper weld but, if good technique is used may do a quick, just acceptable job - not the ideal.
There is a confusion re 'gluing' and solvent or chemical welding - a glue will simply sit on top of the substrate and maybe, lock around some rough or edged areas, one nudge and it will separate. Polyethylene >PE< and Polypropylene >PP< plastics are completely impervious to Solvents/chemicals and therefore ALL & any glues. Here's a clue; PP & PE are used to contain chemicals.
There are some expensive two part adhesives that with special preparation can do a reasonable job on some plastics but I rarely use them.
The majority of road bikes utilize >ABS< type plastics which can be hot-air or solvent welded. The problem with using hot-air on ABS is, it warps, can crack while being welded even when pre-heated and, thin areas will just blow away. This explains why many hot air welds fail - the welder is afraid of blowing through so he limits the temperature which causes a poor weld, he also wont weld both sides as a welder should. These welds need a lot of Fibre Glass filler which makes the fairing more rigid, less able to flex and is likely to crack quite easily. Also, Urethane FG & most other fillers I have encountered do not adhere to semi rigid plastics that well.

A good weld is where the substrate and the rod/weld material melt at the correct temp or liquidity and adjoining molecules start holding hands! It takes some knowledge/experience and excellent equipment to be able do this on every weld.

On the other hand, Solvent welding ABS type plastics produces no warping or cracks & therefore a minimum of refinishing. Extra reinforcing material can be easily added where needed, tight areas can be accessed, small lugs can be repaired & re attached, decals can be better preserved. The only negatives for solvent welding are; there is a curing time which increases with the thickness of added material. Incorrect procedure can make repainting a problem. Aeration of the added material has to be avoided to effect a strong weld, this can be critical.
I have developed, through experience, the technology required to provide guaranteed repairs to ABS plastics.

Performance Sport or Road bikes may have front fairings made of nylon >PA< (which has to be hot air welded only), others may be ABS or some alloy mix like >PA/PBT<. All plastics have their own unique properties and repair techniques, one plastic type cannot weld another.

Brian The Plastic Doctor

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