By: Plastic Welding Repairs Ltd  11-Feb-2010
Keywords: Motorcycle Repair

Motorcycle Road Bike ABS type fairings a specialty.

I AVOID UTILIZING A HOT AIR WELDER on motorcycle fairing, ABS type plastics because; thin edges simply melt & blow away, warpage causes misalignment, more cracks appear!
Misalignment means more labour to finish with a thick layer of fibreglass filler that is less flexible and very likely to crack and seperate. Many repairers who use Hot Air tend to weld one side only, especially if the job is done on the bike where access is impossible.

 I don't use heat on most rigid plastics, I use my self developed liquid 'Plastic Solution' so there is no warping or cracking, therefore very limited need for fibre glass filling or extensive refinishing = cheaper.
I can also easily strengthen weak areas by adding material. Thin material can easily be added to & strengthened. I can make and attach lugs & brackets, make, shape & insert missing pieces no problem.

If the fairing is still attached to the bike, I am usually able to access difficult areas to perform the repair.
Decals can often be protected or saved as there is no heat to damage them and a smaller neater 'touch up repair area' means they may not have to be removed in the 1st place.
 I do NOT use glue or adhesives.*** Avoid the temptation to try to fix ANY plastic with ANY glue or a soldering iron --IT WILL NOT WORK*** [if you do, it will cost more to fix correctly later]

Keywords: Motorcycle Repair

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