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By: Eden Design  06-Dec-2011

  What is brand?
Brand Strategy At the end of the day, your customer is who you rely on for financial success - and nine times out of 10, the customer is always right! Gaining insight about them and creating key strategies for business development is essential for effective customer sales.

Brand Strategy Brand Manuals Marketing Audits Customer Investigation Naming
Design Communications What are communications? These are the tangible touchpoints that exist between you and your customer. Your honed strategic brand approach comes into effect here to create a memorable consistent presence in the market.

Brand Identity Marketing Communications Packaging Publications Online Signage
Brand Strategy
A plan for the systematic development of your brand in order to meet your business objectives. Brand strategy is informed by customer investigation, company vision, and unique product/service insight. This documented strategy becomes the unique blueprint for your business, bringing focused growth, and clarity for marketing efforts and ongoing business development.Brand Manuals 
Articulate the parameters of your brand for members of your brand community, such as staff, suppliers, and associations. They are your brand endorsers and need to know the brand story. Deliverables include a document of standardised visual guidelines, brand-building tools, and Brand Book.Brand Book
A visual book championing the story of your brand. Good for getting staff buy-in to company vision, increasing company pride, induction processes, pitching for capital, and creating partnerships.Marketing Audits
Marketing Audits are used to methodically examine and analyse all marketing, communications, and identities such as brochures, letterheads, signage, and much more. This process takes a magnifying glass to the brand and discovers brand expressions that could be of significance going forward.Customer Investigation
Gain insight into the customer’s perception of your brand, your offerings, and their purchasing habits. With these findings we are able to tailor communications to the customer. These customer findings have practical application across multiple areas of business development.Naming
In such a difficult environment, naming today requires a balance of multiple elements from memorability, to uniqueness, availability, likability, and business relevance. The best name will be the sum of all these elements!
Brand Identity
Built on a sound strategic platform, and fed by customer investigation, Brand Identity is about establishing a memorable visual structure for customers to instantly identify you with. Deliverables include logo, byline, and brand guidelines. Marketing Communications
These communications make up some of the many touchpoints between your company and the customer. Communications must be backed with clear brand strategy and marketing strategy. Deliverables include in-store retail promotions, direct mail, and promotional material. Packaging
Designing packaging that creates product appeal and desire is essential for enticing more customers to purchase. Here we use the findings from customer investigation of your product to make informed design decisions. Publications
Deliverables include among others annual reports, operations manuals, company profiles, and book design.Online
Build a website that connects with your customers and increases leads and sales for your business. The consistency of your online and offline communications is important for retaining integrity with your customers.   Signage
Deliverables include retail signage, vehicle, conference branding.