By: Creswick Garage  06-Dec-2011

Creswick Garage offers a full range of preventive services to help keep your car running at peak performance. We want to be your comprehensive preventive partner.

  Lubes service
  Glass repair/replacement
  Transmission service
  Cam belt replacement
  Tyres and wheel alignment
  Engine repairs
  Warrant of fitness
  Brake repairs
  Rust/panel repairs
  Electrical/computer diagnostics

A regular service schedule can help keep your vehicle on the road.

How do I know if my car is due for a service? Simply check the lubrication sticker on the right-hand top corner of your windscreen. If it reads the same as the mileage on your odometer then its due or it could be due in time i.e. 6 monthly as opposed to mileage.

If you are not sure call in and we can check or tell if your needs a maintenance service.

Call or book on line and servicing your vehicle has never been easier.

Tip- if your warrant of fitness is due you can save time and money by having your car serviced at the same time.

Other products and services from Creswick Garage


Tune Up

We will carry out a comprehensive check of your ignition system whether its fuel injected or carburetted. We can save you time and money if we know details as to what the problem is, before we start the tune up. We have access to a nationwide computer network to quickly find & diagnose faults. At Creswick garage, we classify tuning under two categories. An older car or modern.