Brooke Coaching

By: Brooke Coaching  11-Aug-2015
Keywords: Weight Loss, Natural Health, Personal Training

I am a certified life, personal development and health and wellness coach, certified personal trainer and business owner with 10 years of experience. Do you: •Procrastinate about the important things? •Perfection sabotaging work? •Spend too much time working (workaholic) and not enough time living? •Spend too much time on social media and not getting work done? •Tolerate and not get ahead? •Seek, but never find that elusive job satisfaction? •Not know enough about your passions and your goals? •Want to say NO but don't know how? •Have negative thought patterns or chaotic brain activity? •Need to deal with emotions that cause self-sabotaging behaviours? •Have a dysfunctional team? •Have problems with communication with boss, manager or peers? •Own a small business and feel frustrated with so much to do? •Have problems with weight, lack of fitness, health issues? •Have relationship problems and don't know what to do? •Know you have to do something but don't know WHAT? Contact me and together we can get your life sorted!

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