Classes for 8 - 12 year olds.

Classes for 8 - 12 year olds. from Family Martial Arts - Kenpo Karate Wellington

By: Family Martial Arts - Kenpo Karate Wellington  04-Jan-2012
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Karate training is the best way to develop confidence, self control, fitness and self protection skills in your child. But unless you are already very knowledgeable about karate, how are going to avoid the common traps most people fall into when looking for a karate school? My name is Sean Fitzpatrick and guiding people into the fantastic benefits of karate is my heartfelt passion. It really excites me to be sharing discoveries that powerfully transform lives for the better. So I thank you for allowing me to uncover this for you today. Speaking to you as someone interested in learning, as you follow along with me on this exploration today I don't know just exactly what it was that lead you to visit our web page, whether it was a deeply held concern for your child or awareness of issues they may be facing or just a simple sense of wonder about delving into something new. Nor do I know just exactly which of the many wonderful benefits of karate you can see most meet your needs or which excites you the most, but as that's happening, let's get started. As a parent myself I understand deeply how much your child means to you. We love them without conditions – we want the very best for them and the very best from them - and nothing less will do. This same love also makes us keenly aware of the areas where we want to see changes for the better. This is the reason many parents, just like you, contact our martial arts academy. Many children are shy, lack self confidence and find it difficult to communicate. Other children lack self discipline and respect for themselves as well as others. Increasing numbers of kids in our society are becoming couch potatoes – glued to one screen or another and showing no interest in conventional forms of physical activity; with the inevitable dire health consequences that follow. Many young people these days have become insensitive to violence and the effects of uncontrolled anger. Blended with a lack of empathy and respect for others this becomes a toxic mix just waiting to explode. Or maybe your child just has problems with commitment? How big is the pile of expensive sports equipment, musical instruments or other hobbyist do-dahs you were begged into buying gathering dust at your house? Before we go any further it is only fair to say that our Karate school is NOT right for everyone. So before we continue our journey to explore all the powerfully effective features at Family Martial Arts allow me to take a quick detour so we can discover if any of these apply to you. 1 - You are looking for a school that is basically just a baby sitting service in a karate suit. You want to pay your fees, drop them off at class, pick them up afterwards and forget about Karate until it is time to drop them off at the next class or pay the next set of fees. If this is you then some part-time school with an amateur instructor would be a better use for your dollar. 2 - You want a school that mainly emphasizes tradition and competition. Many schools offer sport karate in place of practical self defense and feudal Japanese regimentation in place of life skills appropriate for the 21st century. If this is what you really want there are plenty of schools around that will fit the bill; ours is not one of them. 3 - You are content with a “McDojo”. For commercial reasons some karate schools will hire any Tom, Dick or Harry, no experience required and make them an instructor. They then expect you sign a contract for lessons with this guy before you have even seen one of their classes!! If you like the idea of this you probably have more money than sense and should just sit tight until the next time they come knocking at your door.

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