Hair Products used in our Salon

By: Trim 'n' Shape  06-Dec-2011

The Biolage Therapie approach provides real solutions for hair care needs. From daily shampoos, conditioners and styling products to professional strength in-salon and take home treatments, Biolage offers a range of 7 clearly defined therapies designed specifically for your hair. Indulge in a complete multi-sensorial experience in the salon and at home.

rejuvatherapie - experience hair rejuvenation, shine radiates, suppleness returnes
colourtherapie - colour radiance and protection for colour treated or highlighted hair
hydratherapie - moisture and control for dry, dull stressed hair
smooththerapie - weightless control for dry, frizzy and unruly hair
fortetherapie - strength and revitalisation for overworked, weak and brittle hair
volumatherapie - body and fullness for fine and limp hair
scalptherapie - purify your scalp, revive your hair