Styrobeck » Geofoam

By: Styrobeck Plastics  06-Dec-2011

Styrobeck » Geofoam


GEOFOAM is a solid block of (EPS) Polystyrene and is available in 5 (nominal density)  grade options.

  • SL 12kg/m3
  • S   15kg/m3
  • M   20kg/m3
  • H    24kg/m3
  • VH  28kg/m3

All blocks are supplied as 5025 x 1225 x 525mm (3.25m3/block), however half blocks can be cut so as to stagger joints on application.


  • Behind Retaining Walls
  • Highway Stabilisation
  • Bulk filling of large areas
  • Slope Stabilisation
  • Ramps for bridges and embankments

 GEOFOAM has been used successfully in different environments worldwide. Geofoam’s lightweight characteristics provide ease of handling, bulk fill, performance insulation, low water permeability as well as strength and deformation properties that complement every application.

Contact us for our best pricing, based on the volume and the required density as specified by the consultant.

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