colouring and engraving of concrete surfaces

By: Slabart  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Concrete, Driveways, Patios

Colouring and Staining

By colouring and (acid) staining we can transform an ordinary concrete slab into a beautiful and luxurious floor resembling marble, granite, or glazed stone. The combination of your concrete's finish, porosity, and blemishes, and our colour and finishing techniques result in each floor acquiring its own patina and personality.

Coloured and stained concrete is available for interior and exterior slabs in commercial and residential settings. Often used commercially, coloured and stained concrete provides a clean, up-scale look to retail stores, restaurants, and business offices. Recently the trend has shifted, and coloured and stained concrete has been adopted by the residential building industry. Beautiful, durable, and easy to maintain, acid-stained concrete has become the finish of choice by many designers and homeowners.

Decorative Engraving

Utilising some highly specialised cutting and engraving equipment, we can engrave decorative patterns into your existing concrete. As opposed to acid-stained floors where the variegated colors provide the interest, decorative engraving adds intricate designs to your concrete.

We specialise in straight line and circular brick designs, as well as border patterns and graphic designs. Durability is outstanding, as the patterns are actually cut into your concrete.

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