Occupational Health Map Services

By: Ohm  05-Apr-2012
Keywords: Health and Safety, Occupational Health, Drug Testing

At Occupational Health Map, we’ll make it easy for you to manage the health and well being of your workforce and give you as much or as little direction as you need.  If you’d like us to take care of all your Health and Safety requirements, no problem. On the other hand, you may simply require an annual service such as Flu Vaccinations. Either way we can help. You can come to us or we will come to you.


to discuss professional health solutions for your business, including:

  • Pre-employment screening
    Ensure your employees are able safely to do the tasks required. Obtain relevant baseline health information.
  • Drug testing
    Decrease your risk of accidents caused by drug and alcohol. This can be done at pre-employment and randomly. We use tests that give immediate results and those that go to an independent laboratory
  • Health monitoring
    • Hearing tests.
    • Lung Function tests
    • Vision screening
    • Colour vision checks
    • Blood and urine tests for heavy metals
  • Vaccinations
    • Influenza is preventable through annual vaccinations.  We will come on site and vaccinate your staff against this contagious illness.
    • Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus.If your workers are exposed to these as part of their duties. We will give them a course of injections and minimise their risk.
  • Wellness Programmes
    Our healthy heart programme – cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, activity and life style assessments.
  • Ergonomic assessments
    • Computer workstations. Prevent injuries from occurring when people start, by ensuring workstations are set up for individual needs.
    • General work environments.
  • Rehabilitation
    We can work with employers, employees, ACC, physiotherapists and doctors  to ensure a safe and effective return to work.
  • Education Seminars
    We can deliver educational talks to promote staff safety and wellness.
  • Exit medicals
    This will record the health status when some-one leaves. This could protect you from future problems e.g. a hearing loss claim at a later date.
  • Health and Safety Management
    • Health and Safety Act Education Seminars
    • Assistance with Health and Safety policy development
    • Health and Safety Management Systems audit

Keywords: Drug Testing, Health and Safety, Health and Safety Management Systems, Lung Function Tests, Occupational Health, Occupational Health Services