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Quantum hot water heat pump

The most energy efficient hot water heater

Hot Water from Thin Air!

The most efficient way of heating hot water. Technically, the Quantum is a heat pump. Refrigerant runs through the air-conditioning coil and, because the refrigerant is colder than air, it collects heat energy from the air passing through the coil to save you more energy. It works on the same basis as your refrigerator or heat pump.

The Quantum is ideal for residential homes, hotels / motels, boarding homes and schools, multi-tenanted properties, rest homes, hair salons and many industrial applications. Anyone who uses a lot of hot water or is environmentally conscious should consider a Quantum.

Advantages of Installing a Quantum

  • Saves you money - up to a 75% reduction in your hot water running costs
  • Saves energy - uses up to 75% less energy than traditional electric hot water systems and does not require sunlight to operate - will produce hot water in all weather conditions
  • Energy efficient - the Quantum heat pump works in temperatures as low as -10 degrees C and up to 40+ degrees C, day and night without the need for boosting
  • Reduces carbon footprint - the Quantum heat pump absorbs energy from a renewable and free energy source - the sun, with only minimal amounts of electricity required to operate
  • Easy to install - the Quantum is as easy to install as a conventional electric system

How does it work?

The Quantum works just like your refrigeration, but in reverse. The air-sourced Compact Solar models have a built in evaporator. The only electricity required is to run a pump similar to the one in your fridge. For every unit of energy used it can deliver between 3 to 6 units of hot water energy!

What models are available and what do they cost?

We have the 150 litre model (150-08ACW-134), the 270 litre Turbo Air Sourced model (270-11AC3-134), the 340 litre T2 Air Sourced (340-11AC3-134 small and 340-17ACW-134 large capacity) and the Titan Split System (340-TIH-134) available.

Our prices include standard urban delivery.

Keywords: Hair Salons, Hot Water

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